Have carbon filter still worried about smell

I currently have a 4 inch fan combo with the carbon filter eight foot of duct just blows out of tent will it start smelling so bad this filter will or will not work I just want to make sure that the house don’t smell like a skunk because that’s what I have going they smell now but it seems to be doing the job so far is there anything else I can do to ensure that my house will smell up ? thanks everyone

If it a good quality filter it should last about 12 months min depending on air quality tamps and humidity.
It will just start to let the smell thru one day. I have been using filteroo and mine has been going for 12 months so far.
I had an odorsock and it failed first rainy day when the humidity got over 70%

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Ona in a pail from walmart online. GREAT industrial strength odor eliminator, just do not leave the pail open all the way as it will not last 3 months as it will if left open < 1/2 way. Between that and charcoal filter we have 0 odor. (we do test with fresh noses! lol) Good luck to ya!

I read in high times that Ona is one of the worst things u can use for cannabis as it alters the smell/taste of the cannabis itself! With a good carbon filter there is no need for any Ona product imo…

You’re not supposed to put it in the tent it’s for putting in other rooms see your entire house doesn’t smell regardless if you have a filter or not when you open the tenant smell comes out I don’t put that stuff anywhere near my plants I don’t believe there’s anybody who would put that in with their plans to be honest with you because that’s not what it’s made for

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I don’t know about u, but I’ve grown some stanky dank strains and have never had a need to use ANYTHING even like ona…u open the tent and it smells a little then u close it and the smell goes away. The filter is still running anyway…

Are use it in the area that has nothing to do with being anywhere near the plants and anyone who puts that in their tent or near their plants deserve forward to smell and taste like that stuff I have two carbon filters and they work great but when you open it it goes throughout the house I did a entire grow without my wife knowing and all I did was put it in areas where It can go up through the floor Or up the stairs works for me