FF Ocean Forest Question

If I use Ocean Forest in a 25 gallon container (outdoor) will I need to amend it with something to aid in drainage or does it drain well on it’s own?

Many add perlite at up to 25% to aid with drainage and to prevent compaction. I do as well.


Thank you FixerPower. That’s exactly what I needed to know.

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I don’t add anything to my FFOF. I have a 15 gallon fabric pot and the soil is still loose.

I purchased some at my local nursery today, and they said the same thing. No perlite necessary.

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Yes it already has perlite in it. All you do is plant and water.

It’s a personal preference thing. It has some perlite in it, but not a lot. Doing a 3:1 mix of soil to perlite is quite popular. Is it necessary? That’s up to you.
I do it…


FF states its perlite is at 10% by volume, I add another 20/25% as this soil packs down and doesn’t drain well without it. Just my expierance.

I’ve used it for almost 2 yrs now and have never found the need to add more. I guess it would be personal preference. By adding more you would have to water sooner.

I’m still a newbie, but from what I’ve been told and experienced is the “preferred” Wet/Dry watering schedual works better with the additional perlite as it drains better and faster and I water every 2/3 days about 1 1/2 to 2 gals. At the 2/3 days the soil is fairly dry.

I transplanted this runt from the lousy 5 gallons of dirt it was in to 15 gallons of Ocean Forest. I blended in an additional 10% organic worm castings and 15-20% perlite just to to be sure. Here is a pic of what it looks like after I transplanted. This pipsqueak is almost three weeks old! I’ll try to keep you helpful ladies and gents posted on it’s progress (if there is any). By the way, I emptied the pot of old dirt and the smell was overpoweringly sour and putrid! This little plant could

not have survived in that environment. Thanks for all your excellent suggestions.

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