Fertilize a Ratio

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I received my seeds and beginners pack and I’m happy to report that my first for seedlings have popped! My question is about the beginner pack fertilizers.
What is the water to fertilize a ratio that you use? What order do I use them in next to the start pack?”

I know start is first then grow but water to fetilizer ratio is what I don’t understand

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I am assuming you purchased the ILGM starter
Here is a link to the feeding schedule chart for soil

Here is the feeding schedule for hydro

It looks like the values are per 1 liter of water. For week #1 for example you would need to add
.5 grams per liter of water or 1.0 EC per liter of water.
(1 liter = .26 US gallons or 1.06 quart)

You could either get a digital scale and weigh the amount or get a TDS meter. I would recommend a TDS meter it is very handy and pretty cheap on Amazon.


Welcome to ILGM!

Hey. I am about to receive the starter pack of fertilizers from ilgm as well. If I am growing in a promix and perlite mixture, should I use the hydro schedule? I read that mix isn’t really soil and to treat it like hydro. Also, I am growing white widow autos. Is there anything different to understand since they’re autoflower? I am struggling to wrap my head around this. Any advice or tips will help. Thanks

Welcome to ILGM @Matt6262
You are correct promix is considered a soiless mix and I would think you would want to treat as hydro.
Just to be safe I’m going to tag @latewood and @garrigan62 to confirm. Latewood is currently using (or has in the past) the flower power nutrients that will come with your starter pack.
They are supposed to be great nutrients. :+1:

Awesome. I appreciate it. I’m new to this and incredibly stoked to get started. This group seems great.


Welcome to our world here at ilovegrowingmarijuana you have come to the best place in town,
. You’ll not fine any better people anywhere and i mean anywhere else on the net.
Now with that being said…How can i be of help to you…?


I have to agree. So much info and so many people willing to help. Truly awesome. I’m working on soil and nutrients and have been reading like crazy. I ordered the ww auto beginner from ilgm. I have decided on promix herb and veg with added perlite, worm castings and dolomite lime. I have read that it’s a nonsoil mixture and should be treated more like a hydro. Should I use the hydro nutrient schedule instead of the soil? Does anything with the schedule change since they are autos? I feel like I have read for hours and am still struggling to wrap my head around this. I’d appreciate any ideas or tips that you have.


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That should help you out they go by liters I can help you convert into gallons but you really need the meters

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That does help. Thanks. I ordered a ph meter but haven’t received it yet. I’m not familiar with the other meter. Electrical conductivity. Is that the ppm meter? PH the water first? Then mix to the proper ec measurement?

You want to make sure nutrients in your water and then check your pH then you can adjust with pH up or pH down

You have the right idea. I balance ProMix in between soil and hydro. You
have to din the balance using your water. I just had a fantastic grow
using Flower Power, and I used my well water 200ppm 7.0 ph, and did not
adjust PH. After adding Flower Power my PH buffered to approx. 6.5 and I
left it there and had a great grow.

The jury is out…still Do not take advice from someone who has not used
Pro Mix. it is best to talk with someone familiar with something. Normal
grow values do not apply, totally with ProMix. it is an experience that
needs further testing, IMO. :slight_smile:

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I Just got a E-1 TDS&EC Meter Is that the same?

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Yes, @Rick3, that’s what you have.


Yes sir that is the same. A lot of meters you buy now have several different measurement types in one meter.
The meter I have has 2 different functions, it measures for TDS in PPM (Parts per million),
It also measure EC in mS(milli-Siemens) & uS(micro-Siemens)

Still don’t mean I know how to do this, Shit we use to just plant and grow in the late 60’s early70’s Today is crazy about the difference

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