Amount of Flower Power to one gallon of water?

Is there a guide to let you know the correct amount of Flower Power fertilizer to mix with a gallon of water? I purchased the starter pack of Start/Boost/Grow/Bloom. I am first time newbie. Started with White Widow Feminized. Made the initial mistake of using Miracle Grow potting soil but it has turned out okay. Growth is at the 4 week mark at 9 inches tall. I started to get some nutrient burn but it has gone away, then some upward leaf curl and I raised the light, a T-5 fluorescent. does the height for four weeks growth seem right? Next post/question I will include picture.

Read the directions on the bottle

The Flower Power Fertilizer from ILGM comes in a foil packet with, from what I can see {or not see), no instructions. I have provided photos. I was wondering if there is a chart or something online. Or is it the product information on the back of the pack that says “50 gr/1.76oz”.

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Thanx for the info.

Sorry I couldn’t help more, but I’ve never used those nutrients. I was hoping someone who has used them would have chimed and helped out, but I guess nobody else has used it yet?

For nutrients that are sponsored or promoted by this forum I want to say this in the nicest way I can. Support for this product is Weak. First by a lab member to claim that the product comes in a bottle is pretty funny. The soil feeding schedule is even more confusing. Is it really that hard to break this down for the user into teaspoons to gallons or 1/4 teaspoons and whatever? Here’s my point - If the user mixes this product wrong by trying to figure out gr. to E.C. (whatever E.C. means) the Grow can be and probably could be ruined. So to ask for all us idiots can someone PLEASE put this usage in layman terms? I just started my grow and feel like I threw my money away and can’t take a chance buying any nutrients suggested here without any confidence.

PS: How helpful is it that there is identical info is on every packet, yet each packet weight is different?

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Support for the site’s nutrients has always been weak…no mentors seem to have used this brand of nutes or the previous brand that I had purchased…there were unanswered questions from that batch posted by me and others.

Not the best endorsement but there are lots of major brands to try, everyone has their favorite.

This is really sad! I thought buying the nutrients thru this site (which I did) there would be some support, NOT “Read the directions on the bottle” from latewood. There you go for thinking. LOL I hope someone else can figure this out and post their findings. I did email Flower Power and hope they will get back to me so I don’t have to throw out what I purchased thru this site. If they do reply I will post their advice.

I have found this site to be very helpful with growing but have failed miserably when it comes to this product.


tough, slow working with emails and the Netherlands, seems a scale that weighs in grams, or a gram and less is needed and working with liters, 4 liters make 1 gallon

Amazon has a few scales, $9+, just an example

Thanks for your post but can you break it down to teaspoons to gallons? In other words “layman terms”.

I can’t do tsp per gal but the web site does do gram per liter and ounce per gallon for soil or hydro or Bio Line week by week, veg thru flower…and when mixed should give an approximate ec…you will need a ppm/ec/tds pen to check that…and there is a conversion table for ec to ppm above, an EC of 1 converts to a ppm of 500 Hanna scale.

the scale I linked above weighs in grams or ounces (and other weight types) if you need ounces per gallon or in this case, .007 to .035 ounce per .26 gallon

Thanks again for your help and post but what makes sense to you is still greek to me.

Okay, this is what Flower Power replied in an email asper Mixing instructions:

Start fertilizer is 0,6 gram per liter = 2,3 gr per gallon
Grow fertilizer is 1.1 gram per liter = 4,2 gr per gallon
Bloom fertilizer is 1.2 gram per liter = 4,5 gr per gallon
Boost fertilizer is 0,24 gram per liter = 0,91 per gallon
One teaspoon is 5.4 grams

This was copied and pasted from the email.

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This is what I came up with. Anyone that wants to check my math I have no problem with. I tried to make this a little more user friendly and I hope it is accurate. The info Flower Power sent me differs from the feeding schedule. The instruction in the email seems to be more fertilization than their feeding schedule. I never received the Foilar fertilizer so I din’t add that to either list.

3.78 liters = 1 gallon

1 teas. = 5.4 gr.
1/2 teas = 2.7 gr.
1/4 teas = 1.35 gr.

ASPER Feeding Schedule

0.5 gr. — 1.89 gr. Flower Power to 1 gallon of water
(a little more than a 1/4 teas)

0.75 gr. — 2.84 gr. Flower Power to 1 gallon of water
(a little more than a 1/2 teas)

1 gr. — 3.78 gr. Flower Power to 1 gallon of water
(a little more than a 1/4 teas)

0.2 gr. — 0.76 gr. Flower Power to 1 gallon of water
(about 1/2 of a 1/4 teas)

ASPER Flower Power email

Starter fertilizer = (2.3 gr.) a little less than a 1/2 teas to 1 gallon of water

Grow fertilizer = (4.2 gr.) about 3/4 teas to 1 gallon of water

Bloom fertilizer = (4.5 gr.) almost 1 teas to a gallon of water

Boost fertilizer = (0.24 gr.) about 1/5th a teas to a gallon of water
Don’t laugh, a pinch of the Boost fertilizer

the flower power email is using hydro for the nutrient recommendations, the other is the soil feeding schedule, that is why there is a difference. There are 3 schedules posted at this site.

the math is a little fuzzy, but just consider 1 liter = 1 quart (actually 1.06 quart), 4 liters = 1 gallon (actually 1.05 gal)

Okay that makes sense. Now take the fuzz out of it and post a soil feeding schedule!

the first tab is a soil schedule…how big is your plant, how old?

Right now it is 4 nodes high and I just re-planted it into a larger pot.

I believe it was @Majiktoker posted that he is going to use the flower power nutrient line in a comparison grow…he should be able to answer your questions, and anyone else, about dosage very soon…this is when you want to start using nutrients, at the 4th leaf level, at a smaller than recommended dose.

What type soil are they growing in? Does it already have fertilizers in it?
That helps determine if the plants need food yet from you

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