Feminize seeds

I bought white widow feminized seeds. Is that meant guarantee female plan only? or still a chance of male plan?

Pretty darn close to 100% if you grow them without a lot of stress. Stress can induce hermaphrodites slightly more often with some feminized seeds.

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Feminized seeds will do well if maintained under shorter vegetative photo periods. As mentioned above; Stress can cause the plant to revert to male or hermaphrodite. +I recommend 16 hours of lights on and 8 off.

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Thank you. How long should I keep them in veg stage?

It depends on how big you want them to get. Start the flowering photoperiod when they have reached about half the total size you want them to be at the end of flowering as they will grow about another third or maybe about double their size growing through the rest of the flowering period.

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One more question: Everything I read suggesting trimming, topping etc… but I saw a few video on this website showing not trim or top at all and the main stem turned into a huge bud. Should I let it grow natural or trim? Some also super crop the first two weeks in flower too. Thanks in adavance

You probably don’t want to do a lot of training or trimming if you haven’t grown a few times. You kinda want to get to understand what grows into what and where or in general how the plant naturally grows. Cropping, training and trimming also has a lot to do with the amount of space and personal preference of style of growing. It also depends on maybe how many plants you are able to grow or how much work or what type of work you want to put into your garden, for example you could potentially yeild the same amount in a certain space with numerous small totally untrained plants, each with one main central bud, or you could potentially screen of green one plant to have the same amount of large buds spread out growing through the screen. The numerous plants could be a lot of work making sure each one is getting the right amount of water and nutrients in each of their pots and yet the one monster ScrOGed plant, even though it would only have one large pot to keep track of for watering or nutrients it would take a lot of training of each of the branches and tops going through the screen.

Advanced grow techniques are fun, and can increase yield under certain circumstances; however; I agree it is best to learn your plant. Learn a simple method, whereas, you are successful. At this time; you will be ready to try Super-cropping, LST, SCROG, SOG, etc, etc…Smiles abound :smiley:

Sorry and thank you both but another question:
I start out with lots of feminize seeds from this website and so far so good. I plan to let the grow natural with un-train, un-trim etc… but I read on several blogs if you do that and super crop the main stem after two weeks in flower would be best. Is this a good practice?

To each his own. I have done that. All worked out. you are stressing the plant and it will produce new shoots all over. Makr sure you have light coverage.

I really like to be prepared to side light plants. I find that i gain yield %.

Another note: Once plant is established; Trim/Prune the new branches below the main stem structure. This growth isudeless, other than maybe rooting this cutting and re-vegging it.