‘Feed all she will take’ …How do I know?

I hear people say this a lot…. She was a hungry girl or she ate alot or feed them all they will take. How do I know since this varies by strain? am I feeding until I see the beginning of nute burn then back off? If one strain is hungrier then another is ppm soil test still relevant? This always sounds to me like my grandmothers recipes….add till it looks right. Lol. Help please.

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Not really very good advice and it can lead to nute burn.

Strain isn’t really relevant. Cannabis is cannabis. That said, it’s important to recognize that autos can be more sensitive to nutes than photos. Some plants, though, are more hungry than others. Plants getting a lot of light also burn through nutes more quickly.

PPM is the proper way to manage nutes.


So how do I tell a hungry plant from the others? They show signs of deficiency? Then u just feed more? Clearly I’m not measuring ppm yet. But I will get a meter.

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Maintain a proper PPM level and the issue will take care of itself.


Ok. So should I measure ppm going in as well as the runoff?


I try to keep it simple and I am just top dressing with dry terp tea once a week. I could go back to brewing the tea and measuring that before I feed? The concept of ppm is new to me.

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You need a good pH meter (Apera pH 20) and you can use one of the cheaper ppm meters.

Depending what nutes you use,
Early veg 200-400 ppm
Late veg 500-700 ppm
Flower 800-1400 ppm
Late flower 700-1000 ppm

All that is a rough calculation.
Yes they might show deficiencies if your not feeding enough. Tips will brown if too much.
It will all come in time.
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Here’s the best advice I can offer… Feed them per the nutrient manufacturer’s directions. They have done the research for you to the best of their abilities. They want repeat customers.


Yes, until you get many grows under your belt, testing run off will let you know what the PPMs and PH are. The run off numbers will determine your next nutrient mix PPMs. 900-1000 in veg and 1000-1100 in flower works best for me. Soil PH 6.5-6.8. Coco 5.6-5.9 :love_you_gesture:

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Here is what one of my hungry girls looked. I only used nutrients for 1 day. Just plain water for 95% of the grow cycle. You can see she eating her fan leaves. Made great hash.

Also she was an Auto and no training.

@Buddalicious Here is what my hungry girl looked like.


Im new indoor grower and have used Jacks 3-2-1. It is almost idiot proof. Once you learn to measure ppm , you will be good to go. Stick around, you have the best advice at your fingertips right here !! :metal:t2::sunglasses::metal:t2: Dave


I like “season to taste”

Teas and drop dressing - I’m no help. But using the tips of leaves to indicate nute burn is fairly reliable. I try to take it up to where you see finger nails then back off. Straight ph’d water or reduced nutrient rate.
This is what I look for. Slight discoloration, maybe even brown, and tips bent down.

I would say this is a happy plant. Leaves upright and wanting light. Fourteen days from flipping.


@beardless lol I was told recently on here it’s called ‘painting her nails’. You love the bou-gie ladies lol.


Much more visual

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Love the advice on painted nails… It’s exactly where I was at so good to know I’m right on track

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There is also the soil medium issue in descriptors like “feed as much as she can take”. If you are using coco, you want 20% runoff for every watering multiple times a day so nutrient salts don’t accumulate in the root zone.

That’s not the same watering strategy when using soil because soil retains water & will drown the plant.

I also back off my nutes when I see slight discoloration on fan leaf tips.

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Yeah I’m using soil and trying to go organic so I’m using living soil mixed with roots organic lush potting mix and then roots Organics veg and bloom terp teas.

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