Favorite AutoFlower-Indoor Grow

Hello. I am new and growing a plant at a time for personal use. My set up is small.

I am using a Spider Farmer 1000 LED in a 27"x27"5’ tent.

I think this plant pictured is a IGLM blue Dream. Could be a IGLM Gold Leaf also 50% chance, LOL?

This plant popped out of the dirt around Feb 8th.

I am using the flora trio, FF Dirt, Distilled H20 all the way, PHd to 6ish

I have read about Amnesia Haze and some impressive growth. I realize the more powerful the lights the better you will probably do.

My question for the board is in Reference to Auto and Indoor Grows, what has been people’s most successful Grow, Include Dry Weight, Growth Time from Germination, Light Source, and feed brand.

I am new and want to get some seed that chronically produces high yields and good smoke.

Here is my Girl, yesterday.


Whenever I hear someone wanting yield, and quality…I automatically think of white widow. It’s a very hearty strain and really easy to grow.


I agree I am currently finishing up two ww autos. This was a first indoor grow for me but had plenty of outside experience. I had inferior lights vipraspectra 600W blurple. The grow went extremely well with no issues. Did regular soil and water ph and monitered ppm’s going in and out and just let them grow .My grow medium is fox farm happy frog.soil no amendments added to soil. I will probably harvest around May 10. Will post wet and dry weights when all done. It looks as though I will see about 2 1/2 or 3 ounces from each one. My next grow will be under an HLG 260W rspec light so should see an increase in yield. Will be doing Blueberry next. Two plants in a 3 FT. x 4 Ft. x 72 In. tall tent. I plan on filling the entire space with the two plants. You can check out my progress with my current grow in my grow journal. BTW Welcome to the forum and you have come to the right place for help .Many awesome growers on here and very willing to share their knowledge .I used the Bergman nutes and found them to be of good quality.HAPPY GROWING!!! :smiley:


I am going to look into the WW. Dave I am interested in seeing your finished products. Thanks for your time to you both.

Iam averaging 2 to 3 Oz per auto, anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks from seed. Iam in ffhf under a 425 watt timber grow light. In 3 gal fabric pots, i was using ff trio for nutes, just recently switched to genral hydroponics 3 part


Hey @buckeyedave any pictures from you’re yield how much did you end up with dry weight from each wwa i just bought 20 seeds so im super excited wondering how many oz I’ll get.

I have pictures on my thread Buckeye dave first indoor grow. I cant remember what my dry yield was but have all the info on my post. I was under a vipraspectra 600 w light. The yield was good but buds were loose. I switched to an hlg light and my next two were blueberry autos and I got about double the weight and the buds were much tighter. Your yield will depend on your enviromental conditions.I am growing indoors in an 8 x 8 room dedicated to growing. Climate controlled to the max i.e. temp, humidity , lights ,air exchange are all on timers. The wwa has great genetics and is an easy grow and produces really well. I think you will be happy with the end result if all goes well. Keep us posted and happy growing.