FAR-RED -VS- Full Spectrum White & Deep Red

I’m trying to learn these lights. Looking at the HLG Scorpion® Rspec® Far Red and the HLG Scorpion® Diablo Full Spectrum White & Deep Red
These are HLGs top of the line lights. But whats the deal with the FAR RED? What benefit is that? Then theres the Full Spectrum White & Deep Red. Made to sound like a well rounded light, where the Rspec just mentions RED.

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The far red spectrum is for flowering. Both of these lights are full spectrum so they’d be fine all the way through your grow. The far red HLG is just the next new thing. I’m not sure how different the two lights are, but I’d bet big money you’d be happy with any HLG light.


The new Rspec Far Red is suppose to capitalize to some extent on the Emerson effect and help to put the plants to sleep and those far red led’s are not Samsung. They come from the same company that makes the UVA led’s used in the UVA lights. Soon as I saw the new light drop I called and asked them about it. I was told they added the far red to the Rspec line of lights to keep them relevant as the current Diablo dominates in there current line. As a owner of dual 260 Rspecs and dual 350r Diablos I would buy the Diablo hands down over any version of Rspec. The diablos run cooler and smash the ppfd out like a boss. And the way it’s looking if one wants to try out the Emerson effect to put the plants to sleep quicker then a small supplemental far red light should be all thats needed. Have that light come on the last 30 mins of your light cycle and off 15 mins after your main lights turn off. Or some variation like that at the end of your main light cycle. If you look at the spectrum charts of both lights the diablos are still the better all a round. There is a very fine line between good growth red and far red and the sleep science. The Rspec far red IMHO is blurring that line and not worth it…

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what you guys think about their Blackbird?

To add to that your red light, along with green, does penetrate the top of your canopy and help lower leaves to put in some work.

I’ve added additional deep red and UV light as well to my last grow this past winter with some ILGM GSCE.


The latest data says UV, deep red, far red and infra red are the spectrums best suited for cannabis.

I use deep red, far red and UVB. Check Tricombs daily… beginning of being Roote bound.

Might harvest as soon as tomorrow or the next day.