Fan for cooling tent

Any thoughts on a silent cheap fan to stick in the top side circle of my tent to exhaust hot air? Temps getting up to 90 inside there now

Silent and cheap don’t really go together AC infinity is about quietest but not cheap many 420 sales maybe you will get lucky


If you re working with autos you can just leave the flap open otherwise you need a ducting style fan

What size tent do you have? If you’re on a tight budget AC infinity makes raxial fans that are less than $40. If you can swing it , you should consider a cloudline series from AC infinity that has a probe to monitor your tents temps and humidity. Really makes it easier to dial in your needs.


Vivosun are pretty quiet and they dont cost you a arm or leg to buy

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It’s a 3x3

I heard vivosun is garbage. Any thoughts?

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I had one for about a month and a half and it started squealing. Then read that it’s a common problem with them. :man_shrugging:

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Would this work good for removing hot air from top of a 3x3 tent? It’s says the air flow is 265 CFM. Temps staying around 82 now with light at 85%

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Is smell an issue?
Duct fan thru a carbon filter
Got a bottom flap?
Open up the flap and put a box fan at the entrance.
For inside the tent there are small clamp on lamps. Good time of year to check out the discount stores for good fan prices.

Im using vivosun now i havent had a problem with it ive been using it for five grows now

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Should be a good investment for the garden

I have a vivosun 6” inline fan. I have had it for going on a year and a half. I have had no issues with it but it is a little noisy and the adj on the speed isn’t great. But I am still using it and it does the job in my 4X4X80 tent.

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@Odaharry I’m also using Vivosun and they are working exceptionally well at this point in time…did I just jinx myself??!! Oh crap lol!!

I would say yes. Especially if you’re not using a carbon filter.

I have the Vivosun tent package, as a start learning point.
Haven’t finalized filtration design and have been seeking comments on a proposed design.
Now I need to re-design or make it a work in progress. Got the charcoal (carbon) filter.

No need to worry about smell. I was gonna just put duct fan through hole in top side of tent. Have a tiny bottom side flap or maybe I could unzip bottom of door. I’m not sure what the clamp on lamps are for? I’ve been looking for cheap oscillating fans, thought maybe that could help at bottom of tent, seem expensive for small ones though.

First pair 6-inch oscillating fans ordered (delivery advertised 3 days) and paid for.
First notice acknowledged transaction and posting listed 1-week delivery date.
That date disappeared after two weeks and was replaced with delivery expected 2 months. Dispute required calendar days for resolution (refund, after 3 weeks). Second pair oscillating 6" fans ordered and received wrong parts today. Complaint filed. Dispute-able in 2 weeks. “cheap oscillating fan” are costly.

Should have said clamp on fans. I saw some cheap ones ($12) at Ollie’s (discount store).

I know how badly the tent(s) needs the small oscillating (clip-on fans).
Not on EBAY, is my new plan.

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