Fabric pots for auto flower

what is the smallest size pot I can plant in for autos? I used large 5 gallon this time :woman_facepalming: newbie here!! TIA :blush:

Some people run 3-gal pots. Personally I would never go less than 5-gal. Root health is incredibly important. Autos don’t usually get too large, but they do tend to be finicky with nute and watering practices.


I use either 3 or 5 gallon fabric pots for both autos & photos. Depends on how many I am sticking in the tent.

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I used 5 gallon plastic pots this time. This will be my second grow, I will be LST , I did not the first time . I will only be doing auto ever. My tent is 32x32x63. I am switching to fabric this time!
How many 3 or 5 gallon in a 32x32x63?

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I think you will be much happier with fabric. I find them easier to use in terms of watering. They dry faster which lets you fertilize / water more often. If you get an auto strain that is reliably compact you can do 4 in a 32 x 32. You will want to train them. Axe has 8 autos in this 2x4 8 autos, organic fed coco, 2x4 tent


I used 2 gallon in the last grow and had to water more. I will be using 3 gallon on my next grow.

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Yeah @Axemanjake23 lead me step by step for about a month now!! Prob ain’t too happy having a puppy wining all the time!! Oh well y’all stuck with me! I’m going to try and do a journal but I have no idea how to start one lol… working on that one.

I could not get a pic that was worth anything. they look milky I think. I would like to know is I have 3, if they are milky enough for the happy, energetic stage can I pull 2 of them and let the last bake longer to have that really relaxed stage? I have never had good flower or any that I could even tell you the strain.
when deciding what to get first is where I go off “what to expect” section of the purchasing process. what does it feel like to actually have potent strong good WWAF???
any suggestions on the next flower I purchase? a real good knock me on my ass kind!!

Do you know how long it has been flowering? Age overall?
From what I see, you have a while to go. It may be a couple weeks yet.

If ready to harvest I would expect the sugar leaf to be loaded with amber trichomes. Sugar leaves turn amber sooner. You can therefore use them as a timing tool.
The calyx is what you want to gauge maturity by. I am looking for their trichomes to be predominately cloudy with some amber and few clear. If this is the case I plan on harvesting within the next 5 - 7 days.
I am probably not the best person to ask for a strain recommendation. I personally do not partake, I grow it for my wife. Up this point she usually prefers a sativa leaning hybrid and she loves her morning, mid-morning, lunch time - OK pretty much every hour of the day smoke. So, for autos I have grown WW- first grow, Jack Herer (she likes), Amnesia Haze - quite a while ago, and Blueberry - great to grow, great smoke and taste but not real potent.
The most recent photos are Northern Lights and AK-47. She very much liked the NL - a higher Indica % and relaxing buzz. The AK47 is still curing.
She has asked for a higher THC, mellowing smoke so I have started a couple Purple Kush - 100% indica and higher THC. And, when the tent finishes up I think Granddaddy Purple will be next up. Similar attributes to PK.
I think If I were looking for a knock me on my ass type of smoke I would lean toward Gorilla Glue

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I like 5 gallon fabric pots for autos an water or feed every 3 days. 5 gallon pot will grow you a nice size auto. Good luck

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flowering forever it seems like!
I am looking now for a mag I can attach to my phone for good pictures.
If I could ever get this grow finished I’ll have a lot of the “what to do” “what to look for” questions somewhat.
I use it for depression and anxiety! it works better than any thing out there in the pharm world and there are no withdrawals or any negative effects.
and unlike ethol I’m not gonna start fights or drive drunk!
that’s amazing of you to do this for your wife!!
my husband has severe back problems and I would like to find a strain that could help him also.
that’s great to know about the sugar leaves, It is hard to tell between the cloudy and clear.
flowering started early, around last week in December. I believe your right I have got my dates 03/01 will be week 14 since dropped.

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WW tend to do that. 80% of the ones I have grown were100+ days. Your 3/1 date will put you right in that range. Amnesia haze autos were even longer at 120+. The longest auto was Jack Herer at 136.

There are quite a few of us, one side or the other, that grows only for their partner.


What’s the shortest??

I grew three blueberry autos. Harvest days were: 88, 102, 108. The average is still 98 days.
I did have 1 WWA that I harvested in 85 days. I am discounting this one because it was my first grow and, well, it speaks for itself.

I do not count my first grow! It is not considered a grow more like a fail! This is my first real grow that I have actually grew anything other than Grass! :woman_facepalming:
Do you always harvest your WWA at the same time? Or can you harvest some sooner for a mild happy energeticish( not a word) :joy: . From someone that seems like you know your grow she must have some good input on it!!

In the tent which only a 3x3 I try to grow 4 plants. I have done 3 because of germination or seedling failure. I will harvest whatever I feel is ready. And wait for the other to mature. If you want a more uplifting smoke, take it a little earlier. It is not uncommon for me to have 5 - 14 days between the first and last plant. That is the good part of growing your own. Grow it and harvest it the way to want it. Also, sometime the main colas or upper buds will mature sooner than mid-plant buds. I will take the top one and leave the lower ones to mature longer.

My top ones look allot older

I didn’t know about lst, now I do! That one I had to move around a couple of times Bc she was in the light. Can you see those in the square? Those are the ones that look a bit old dry maybe from the light? Should I take them? If so how?? Just clipping them off or completely remove her and let the other two potent up? Hopefully there will some effects.

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Way to many white pistils still. Still too young. Your funny. Lol. Like the child going to the father after asking the mother a question and getting a NO. Haha. Being to close to the light can cook them a little but still best to let them mature if possible.