Fabric grow bag questions?

Appreciate the tag @merlin44. I’m usually around 600 PPFD or a DLI of 32-35 for this growth stage 850-950 during peak flower or a DLI of 42-50 :love_you_gesture:


Not so good with LUX but there are several calculators with a google search. LUX to LED PPFD

Good advice given already! :call_me_hand:t3:


Pardon my ignorance, but what is DLI?

Appreciate all the help guys!


Daily light integral (DLI) describes the number of photosynthetically active photons that are delivered to a specific area over a 24-hour period. :nerd_face:


This used to be my go to for calculating dli


Hey thanks for the tag @merlin44
I have a meter but it lays in the drawer 99.9 percent at the time. About 1600 at The top of the canopy would be a good number for me. ( Par meter)


Yeah, now that everything is dialed in, I only check the PAR values at the beginning of each grow and when I flip to flower.

When I replace or modify my lighting, I will use it to get things dialed in again.


I don’t know these off the top of my head either, but 100k lux is a lot of light. I would expect the online conversion calculators to provide a ballpark figure.


I moved the light away a little. Its in the 1700 range right about the canopy now.

If this is an example if how bright it is, this is a leaf off of each, and they look normal colored under these led shop lights.

Hey guys! Another question about these grow bags!

I repotted them into 5 gallon cloth bags with new soil on june 27th. Will the feed them till harvest?

With water being sucked up from the bottom, will it lead to toxicity build uo in the plants?

What soil did you use?


I blended espoma land and sea mix and their organic mix. Then just added a half handful of bloodmeal and bone meal to the 50/50 mix.

So far the plants seem to be loving it! There is a little bit of tip burn from nutrients being pushed through them i guess?

Im sure that mixture is very rich but probably won’t cover everything needed all the way to harvest. A lot of that will depend on your watering habits too.


They have been sucking up about a gallon of water each, ever 42 hours out of the bottom of the self watering bases. I cant believe how much they drink up!

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Do they look ok for being a little over 2 months old? I started them close to may 1st.

This is a pic of one of them from may 10th