Extraction fan brand recommendations please!?!

Hello and thanks for reading!

First some required info…

Tent size 80 cm X 80 cm X 160 cm @ 36 cubic feet / 1 cubic meter
Set up in attic
So going by size of tent and adding 20% to account for filter im looking for a fan that can handle 45 cfm / 72 m3/h

Light Viparspectra 900 w (actual 418 w 60 w per sq foot)
One plant only (first ever grow will look to maybe do 2 max once got experience)
Looking at having passive air intake due to small tent size

Have been looking at 4" fans and filters as they all should easily be able to handle my extraction needs (45 cfm / 72 m3/h) but happy to consider larger if recommended
Have decided on the rhino pro for the filter but really not sure about wat fan to get

So do you have any brand recommendations on good quiet / silent 4" fans?!?

Many thanks!

Look up apollo fans
I think you’ll be happy with them

This is a 6inch but they make 4 inch as well for a few $ less just a reference pic
Speed controller is a nice option as well which this one comes with
Good luck and happy growing
Since your in a attic is it well insulated I may get super hot up there if not
And welcome to ILGM @man10101

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Don’t forget a speed controller adjustment is important a fan running to fast or slow can cause havoc

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Most inline made by apollo have have a speed controller built in. My 4" from them did it was also an inline

Hi @Hawkeye_diesel @Donaldj and @Countryboyjvd1971!
Thanks for the replys!
Will look into the apollos
And will also look into a speed controller if the fan i get hasnt already got one!

Suppose having such a small grow area most fans are gona pull too much air through so will need to be slowed to some extent?!?

Thanks again!

A lot of the fans designed for indoor growing will come with them cheaper set ups oils have them but if need you can get them for like 20$ on Amazon
Keep me posted bro :+1: