A good intake can

Hello all

Looking for some feedback in a good reliable 6” intake fan through amazon.

I’ve been wanting to add an intake fan for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Most I see have mixed reviews. Not looking to spend a lot but want something reliable. Any feedback is appreciated.

(I have a 440cfm exhaust fan. Room is a 4x4

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I use the apollo variable speed fans they work well for me. I also have a 4x4 and a 3x3

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I tried this as an exhaust fan for 4x5x11 space and it worked but was on the light side based on how easy to was to close my doors. I could see it being an intake fan, it is very quiet and rated at 188 CFM. I’ve only had mine for 2 weeks, so can’t speak to realiblity of the fan.


Do you have one for exhaust and intake?

I just use them for exhaust. I have no intake other than passive


I use a vornado for my intake. I had it before I started to grow, fits right is the end of the ducting or like I have mine, just stuck in the tent hole.


And in the off season I use it in the house when I want a breeze. Not what it was made for, but has not caused me any problems yet. And is not as noisy as some of those duct fans, has low, med, and high settings…

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As long as you have negative pressure ( the sides of your tent sucking in) you dont need intake fan put your hand by your lowest intake sock feel how much air is getting sucked in . I forgot to ask the reason why you thinking about fan .

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That’s how I’m running currently also. Only have a 440cfm exhaust going. Was thinking of adding the intake so I can completely close the tent up to help with odor controll

That’s a good idea. Do you know off hand if it fits 6” ducting?

I currently only have an exhaust and I do have negative pressure. Was hoping to close the tent up to help with odor controll later in bloom.

Last year I hooked up a can on both sides of the exhaust fan and could still smell it so was thinking if I completely close the tent up it might eliminate the odor that escapes.

The end will fit in the 6" duct, I thought about taking the stand off, but I got lazy. But without the stand, the whole thing would fit in the duct…

When I can, I’ll go out and get an exact measurement for you (probably tomorrow, friday at latest)…

I can still smell my plants, even with my tent sealed up. I do not know if it escapes from the extra vents, through the seams or zipper or what. People that don’t smoke, haven’t recognized the smell, but those that do, know right away what it is (at least in my case)…


You have a filter on the end out exhaust duct if not your just sucking smell out of tent

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I have a filter at the Begining of the vent but when it gets later in bloom I add another filter at the end to help with the stank