Ventilation! How big of a filter? am i doing ok on my first set up? thanks in advance!

Hi, using a 2 x 2 x 2 meter tent with a 1600w bossled light (covers 6.5 x 6.5 Square Feet which is bang on 2 x 2 m), would I need a secondary fan to intake air? or should I just leave the bottom flaps open a bit?
other thing is what size/ type of extractor set up do I need? I was lead to believe
RVK150A1 Professional Extraction Kit 3 - 428m3/hour would do the job - but I’m hoping for some other opinions/corrections!

thanks for your time in advance, and I look forward to sharing my learning experience with ya’ll soon!


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You have 275 cubic ft in your tent I would get a exhaust fan that is good for 300/400 cfm with a speed controller so you can have better control of temp and humidity
I run leds also to heat normally isn’t a problem for me I have a heater in my tent that maintains 75 located in my basement that I maintain 65 f and 70 % humidity with a make up air fan ( intake fan) in tent and exhaust fan with charcoal filter sized to fan in tent
With a big enough exhaust you will probably be ok with no intake( make up air fan )
Hope this helps you

what about thermostatic fans?! (just heard of them) any experience with one?

I’m assuming your referring to a fan that’s controlled with a temp controller
And I would recommend one as a intake fan
Just make sure it moves a little less air than your exhaust so your grow box stays in a negative pressure this will help with smell escaping :ok_hand:
I’m in the process of automating my box wiring in relays and controls to control my temp and humidity in grow box :package: one less thing I need to worry about
Set it and forget it :grinning:
Hope this helps any other questions just fire then off

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