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Hello growmies, one question when is it safe to give my canabis silica blast. I am switching to flower in 10 days. And i just want to make sure my girls are as healthy as possible.

What is silica blast used for?
I know silica, but blast?

I’m in hydro but I use silica throughout the grow. More so after the stretch.
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Well it might be a knock off that i bought i need to check the label again lol.

Silica is useful all throughout a grow soil has some natural silica but drained soil an other mediums need it , it give your stems robustness and improves internal water flow and nutrient delivery.

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I start feeding silica after the 2 week germ period and throughout the veg and flower cycle. I usually back off during the last 3 weeks of flower. An essential nutrient to build stronger root and stem growth. I can tell a huge difference with a feed silica periodically versus randomly. :love_you_gesture:

Yea one of the things i have been missing this entire grow. Going to start using now better late then never i guess.

I have a bit of a different take on silica. It’s really strengthens plant structure and can make training difficult where it becomes more likely to break stems and nodes when training rather than bending them. I’ll only add silica after the stretch is over (2 to 3 weeks into flowering) when all training is complete and I no longer have to worry about breaking off parts of the plant.

The only reason I use it is to help the plant hold up heavy flowers in the latter stages of growth.

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Words to live by! I like what silica does for my plants and as you stated…snap! I’ve snapped several tops on my current grow from adding silica after the germ period :love_you_gesture:

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