Exaust Fan Silencer/Muffler

Anyone running one of these? Does it seem to help much with the noise?


@Rugar89 most all cars have those they work but kill your mpg


@Rugar89 What is noisy? The actual fan?

I just looked through your grow journal and I don’t see your fan. Is it outside the tent somewhere?

Consider doing this:
Mine is hanging from a bungee cord from the tubing inside the tent. I cant hardly hear a thing.


No, the air turbulence coming out of it since disconnecting the filter. I hooked the speed controller to it and slowed it down and now and its way quieter.

The fan is outside on top of the tent. I will try putting it in the tent tonight when the lights come back on.

The tent is in my den, which is going to be my new “Man Cave”. Im already planning on two more tents in there and just wanting to keep the noise down when I end up with so many fans running, so I don’t have to have the TV cranked in there at night and piss the ole lady off.

Plan is having the 3x3 I have now, and either a 4x4 or a 5x3 (haven’t decided which yet), and then something smaller to be used for germination/drying tent.


yep, I hear that. hanging the fans inside the tent cuts down some on the noise. So does hanging them on a bungee. Thats gonna be some man cave! @Rugar89

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Dude I’m so hooked on this its unreal! I’m loving this hobby!


@bob31 @Rugar89
My fan is mounted in a 10" rubber doughnut gasket and sealed it to the fan housing with urethane
You can hear it blowing when your in the grow room but not from the outside


If you tie it to the metal frame of the tent or set it outside the tent sometimes you will get some vibration or harmonics off them. That is why I hang mine with a bungee and vibration is absorbed and it keeps it very quiet. All i hear is a woosh out the end of the pipe! @Rugar89 @hillbilly103


Like back in the 80s when I had my turntable hanging from 4 guitar straps. Stereo was so loud the whole house would vibrate and cause the albums to skip. :sunglasses:


dam, thats loud!

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Those were the days of quantity not quality!
Although the Bose system I have now to loud for real use it sure do make movies :movie_camera: seam realistic.

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