Building a muffler

I am going to build a muffler. The fan is real quiet but not quiet enough. Got the speed control fan does not hum when slowed down, but on the exhaust side it makes more noise than I need. I refuse to buy one when I can make one out of cardboard, duct tape and old towels. The only thing that I cant seam to figure out is how big to make it. I have room for it on the shelf above the tent. Does it really need to be that big? I have seen pics of the ones that others have made out of 5 gal buckets. to me that seems small.

I cannot tell you; Sorry. You are the one building this unit. Tell us! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see if it works out. Peace

Ok the muffler changed. I fully intended to build it out of cardboard. One trip to Home Depot changed all of that. First I got the ducting that I needed. Then was cruising around the store and I saw the styrofoam board. I thought well hell I could just build it out of that. Now this is where everything goes sideways. I had brought my 8 year old granddaughter with me because she thinks Papa is fun and kind of crazy, and I always take the opportunity to hang with her and teach her to be a cool chick. So I get 2, 4’x8’ sheets 1 3/4" thick, duct tape and all the ducting that I need. Now we get home and I get out the table saw. Granddaughter asked why do we need this? I tell her that it will make it easy to cut straight lines, make a lot of noise, a big mess and drive your mother nuts. She was down for that. I built the outer box and did a test fit in the closet. then realized that I have to make a change to the exhaust side.because of where I need to get the warm air out of the closet.

Its now done and it works great.