Exactly 2 week old seedling

Hello everyone,

I’ve done a good amount of research but help along the way never hurt!

So I am at exactly 2 weeks old with all three seedling. You can clearly see one is a lot smaller than the rest.

All three look so different and I have no idea why. Is this normal?

How are they looking so far ? I have them on a 18/6 schedule. Fed half the recommended dose of FloraNova Grow 3 days ago and then just water with a PH of 6.18.


Lol. I just asked this question about my plants. @repins12 put it to me just like this

They’ll surprise you tho. The plant that was my smallest is my tallest now.


@Schmokey said it best. They look healthy to me, nothing to worry about

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Okay sounds good. Haha has me a little worried

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