Everything is yellowing

Hi I wrote in earlier about my plant. I put the kit together as per the instructions germinated 2 seeds 1 in org soil the other in your kit. Your kit was growing better than any of my others, until all of a sudden the leaves started yellowing. I posted this on the seed website and they said I watered too much. I cut back until the plant was very light and the leaves looked a little droopy and watered again. This is what it looks like now. Even the stem is yellowing. I grow in a tent and have been successful before, but this is the first auto flower and buying a kit. How can I fix this?




Ok fill this out best you can and we wil help figure this out

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Just from the looks of it, you will have an almost impossible task of saving this one. It appears way under fed. What kind of nutrients are you running and ph?


I don’t know the pH of the water. The strain is gorilla glue autoflower, pot for pot soil kit 5 gall. in a tent, fan circ, grew to that size with beautiful leaves and buds, then all of a sudden it kept turning yellow. I remove leaves as they yellow

Plant is starving, the soil ran out of fertilizer, should have started her on some flowering nutes a while back when the yellowing started, have anything you can feed her?

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She needs food , nutes, what have you and what are you feedings, she starving

What do you recommend? I thought the kit would feed her from start to finish.

Did the kit include fertilizer?

Nice Bug-A-Salt. Other cats appear to have got ya on health.

Whatever you can get quickly that you can give at next watering, I don’t know what options you have available to you. I recommend Jacks 321 but will take time to order it and needs to be weighed out so need a decent scale and won’t be found at your local Walmart or hardware store.

If you’re in a legal area, there could be hydro/grow shops near you where you can pick up something like this or order from Amazon if not.


I just finished my first grow with gorilla glue seeds using pot 4 pot. Mine started yellowing like yours at day 69, I harvested on day 98. I used cal mag at half dose through the grow and used tiger bloom and big bloom in very small doses starting about halfway through. She never did green back up but I still got just under 3 ounces from the grow. Give her some flowering nutrients I think you’ll be ok.


Really appreciate all the voices here! Yes, the plant is starving. This is because her roots are damaged from overwatering and then underwatering. When we do not water correctly, the roots suffer. This is often not seen in the visible parts of the plant until the damage is far done.

The coco-based topsoil should never be completely dry. Without water, the nutrients in the soil (which is very hot and will never ‘run out’ in an autoflower grow) are not able to mobilize. Damaged roots means that the plant cannot uptake any nutrients even if they are mobile-- such in the case of overwatering.

This plant should still make it to harvest. Adding additional nutrient can continue to lock her out. The best case scenario is to give her a good watering and really get the soil/topsoil wet again. Then follow best watering practices (she will need less water as she is so close to finishing.)

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