My leaves are!

I’m new to growing so I’ve bought a pot for pot kit and gorilla glue autoflower seeds and my leaves look like this. It looks nutrient deficient, I thought the kits fertilizer soil combo was good for the life cycle

Can you try to get a pic out of the grow lights? They distort colors when trying to notice deficiencies.

If you can power them down for a photo. With and without flash… or pull them out if possible


Is this better?

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How often are you watering, and what are you feeding them? Are you pHing everything you give them?

EDIT: At first glance the droopiness looks like over-watering.


Looks like overwatering to me too. What are your watering practices?


And to be clear, over-watering isn’t related to giving them too much water. It’s related to not allowing the medium to dry cycle. I water based on the weight of the planter. If it doesn’t feel light, it’s not time to water.


Whats the best system as to how often to water and do you have a recommendation on ph test kits?

In my opinion the best system is to get used to feeling the weight of the pot like @Newt said. Truth is, there is no concrete answer, way too many variables. Different soils and growing media hold and retain moisture differently. The size of the pot, the plant, and the root mass will all play in to how often they get thirsty. I grow my autos in 5 gallon fabric pots. Typically, once they’re full size and in flower they’re thirsty every other night, but sometimes one or two of them are ready every night, and some others will go 3 days. Once you get a feeling for the weight of dry plant vs an already watered one, it will be a breeze.
The Apera pH60 pen is the one I’ve found to be best. It has a replaceable probe, it’s very easy to calibrate, and it’s been very reliable for a few years now.

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