Enter the noob - First time closet cfl grow

Sup y’all. My name is Moose and I’m a noob ass grower lol. Actually I’ve been at this since Feb of this year, but my plants kept dying. Finally, I have one that’s looks healthy, no problems at all… yet.

So here’s the details;
-Strain unknown (bagseed)
-Closet grow space (about 6 ft-ish)
-2 gal pot I think (I dunno, I found it outside my apartment)
-2 23w cfl bulbs (I have more, but I just can NOT find bulb adapters ANYWHERE)
-Tin foil as a reflector
-MG potting mix (not sure of nute ratio)
-A fan for air flow
-Watered from tap
-No nutes added (I don’t own any cuz I’m poor as !@#$)
-About 3 weeks old now
-Can’t tell gender yet

I believe that’s all the info, I hope I’m not forgetting anything. Um, yeah… pics

So yeah. Thoughts? Advice? Tips?

first of all the miracle grow has to go man . the reason is because it has time releasing nutrients that will eventually affect the plant . i would recommend going to your local hydro shop and get a bag of some ocean forest fox farms soil . trust me its one of the best investments you’ll make! . as for the lights since your are using cfl’s you are going to need 100 actual watts NOT 100 equivalent . remove the tin foil because it stores the heat and its going to effect your crop, try to go with something like Flat white walls or mylar. do you know whats the pH of your cities tap water? since your on a budget like you said… you can go to petsmart or walmart in the aquarium section they have some ph strips you can get for 5 or 8 dollars. because you are going to need to monitor the ph of the water and keep it a a steady 6.3 to 6.7

Thanks man, I appreciate the help. About how much does a bag of FF go for? Should I go ahead and try some stronger lights? My biggest concern with lighting, other than not being able to find adapters, is cost. Them bitches ain’t cheap and it could really rack up the light bill. Would you recommend MH or HPS? Also, I don’t know the city water pH, but I’ll do some digging and find out.

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Okay… pH of the water in my city is listed as 9.1 which I KNOW isn’t good. I’m not sure, I was a bit confused with some of the info, but TDS is looking to be around 150 ppm. Lol gotta get me some acid, drop dat pH down. Or distilled water. That’s safe, right?

Garden looks good!

PH pen - ten bucks (adjust to 6.3)

some kind of nutes are necessary, you don’t have to buy high-end.

Fox Farm ocean Forest, the big bag is 20 bucks at my gro-store

-good luck!

Word. Shouldn’t be an issue at all procuring the goods. Thanks dude! By the by, I was JUST on your thread, you seem pretty knowledgeable. Gonna be watching your grow.

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Thanks for looking…! Let me know if I can help you at all

So you’re a seasoned grower? Excellent! I can use your grow as a reference, assuming all goes well. So I have a question; is hydroponics easier than soil or soilless grows? From what I’ve read, you get bigger yields in a shorter amount of time, but the equipment and setup are expensive as all hell. Is that your preferred method?

Check out my grow man I have 4 plants growing!

Well the thing is is I’m a little out of my element here, I’m not a soil grower, I chose soil to get back into it because of the buffer with any errors I make that soil gives, Hydroponics …not so much.

So if you have any specifics I can help, this is a really cool forum and everybody is very kynd so welcome, and again any questions I can help I will do my best and I will not give you any information that I’m not sure of and haven’t verified

Sup y’all. Been about a week since I started this post, time for updates.

Here it is

Lookin a bit strange with that… two way taco thing goin on there. Same setup (still broke) and another baby

Ya, that’s it for now. Going into week 4 for the behemoth, and the baby sprouted last week. Still searching for materials and taking advice cuz I’m still a noob. Patience is a virtue, and I’m still trying to figure out who is more patient; me or the plants?

Quick update :

So I bought some fox farms ocean forest soil for my childrens, and proceeded to transplant the biggie… shoulda read a step by step. She’s in shock pretty bad and has some discoloration, some drooping leaves, dark green, all that bad shit. So MY question is; how long does it take to recover from shock? What can I do to help it along?

I’m pretty bummed. I really don’t wanna lose her. Help?

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I planted mine straight in Fox Farm ocean forest with a 20 - 25% perlite cut and I’ve had nothing but good!

I’m sorry to see that bro, I wouldn’t know what to do cuz I didn’t have the problem, (liked it so much I just bought another bag)

…I hope everything works out for you

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I appreciate that man, and she’s perking up now. Your girls there are really pretty though! So you have fox farms soil; do you plan to add nutes or leave as is? Also, would it be possible to run HID’s without the ventilation setup? I was thinking of getting a small MH (150~200w) for the remainder of her veg and then upgrading to a HPS when she starts flowering.

I’ve just started adding 25% GH Flora nutes after 4/5 weeks (respective of the plants age) didn’t need any earlier, that’s a strong soil, damn good too!

when you put the perlite in is so light you have to weigh it down to keep it from floating away! :slight_smile: -good luck bro

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Sup y’all, been a hot minute. Updates.

This is the new baby. Bagseed :unamused: pretty though. Well, except for that nasty brown spot on the bottom leaves

Here’s big sis. She looks a little beat, but she’s a goddamn trooper. Looks like nute burn on some of the newer growth, I dunno though

Okay, that’s all for now I guess. Waiting on my seeds to come through the mail so I can actually KNOW what it is I’m growing lol. “You growing reg or loud?” Uhh…

Sup, so I saw something… new… last night before I cut the lights. So, this morning,

Close up


What’s going on here?

Oh man, The biggie might be male :frowning: !! I’ll wait until the end of the week just to be absolutely certain. Anyway, I threw another bagseed in a red solo cup and put it under the lights. We’ll see, I guess :unamused: … hoping the other one IS female MAN this is disappointing :anguished:

Buy ILGM female seeds Mouse, you won’t be disappointed ! :thumbsup:

Thing is, I did. About 3 weeks ago I think. Super skunk fem, 10 seeds. I don’t really know who to contact or what steps to take in case I never get the seeds, but I figure I’ll wait another week because overseas shipments take longer to get to wherever, customs trying to confiscate shit… but yeah. Til then, bagseed. One of these damn things’ll give me a lady eventually