Entangled roots in clone tent

It came to my attention that my clones roots were all tangled with one another on below resovoir. I have a bubble ponics system or my clones, growing in rock wool and clay, in 3 inch baskets… The QUESTION being. I still have 4 weeks until I will transfer them into the grow room but are concerned that the roots will be overly messy together in resovoir. Roots grow through baskets and I to aerated water. Will the plants die if a few of the roots break whilst seperate them. I haven’t come across this before as I have never left them so long. But these clones are beauty’s and don’t wanna lose them. Other option would be to leave them in that system and transfer to grow room. But I am concerned they won’t be substantial enough in it.

If they are really badly entangled, carefully separate them, avoiding breaking especially thick roots.

To help keep them from getting too entangled in the first place, rotate the individual baskets more than 360 degrees when ever you check on them, maybe many more times than that, so that they only entangle with themselves, kind of like spaghetti on a twisting fork, so as they don’t tangle up with anything else in the reservoir, each other or tubes/hoses, air stones or other fixtures in the reservoir.

Thanks Mac… But…the 360 thing. I actually have been doing that But not to the extent that you say. Makes a lot of sense aye. They are getting a little bad with 4-5 weeks to go. So you think that maybe I should sort the entanglement out now and just try to manage it for the next few weeks?? I put a lot of time in training these little beauty’s. Mainlining and LST. They gonna be crackers.

I suppose it depends on how bad the entanglement actually is, but normally I wouldn’t worry about it too much, and yeah just keep separating them over time as they don’t get too bad by the time you are ready to move them into their other container.

A little of the finer roots breaking off as you separate them should not be a huge deal.

Ok bro. Cheers for that. Like I said I’ve never ran into this problem before. I just watched a clip on Nebula Haze’s Facebook page about seperating roots. Not the same as my situation but root bound. Still was good to see though. Anywayz. I’m on night shift still. So few cones then bed for me. Oh and the hash turned out pretty sick just using leaf. Took 2 ounces to make 2 grams but it was pretty potent. Used dry ice method. Seems to be much better. :sunglasses::+1:t3:

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Hash using leafs …how ?

Dry ice and bubble bags.

Great advice. Yupper; As long as you are careful they should untangle with a bit of finesse and patience. Good luck

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