Edibles - Trim vs Bud

I love edibles so id like to get into them with my first harvest. I was thinking trim for edibles, and bud for smoke, but the whole process is brand new to me, so i have a few questions:

Is the only way to make edibles from trimmings with a crockpot, bc its done with wet leaves?

Is their a difference in potency between making edibles with trim & bud?

Is 2 plants enough to make cannabutter with, using only trimmings?

Im on an ever tightening budget and im trying to keep the house free from the weed smell so ill be buying either a toaster oven or a crockpot to make my cannabutter with in my smaller tent, and im just trying to make sure im not about to waste $40 on a crockpot lol

Last question just for future reference…how much bud to make a standard sized stick of butter?

  • 1 cup of butter
  • 1 cup (7-10 grams) of ground cannabis, decarboxylated

See above.

The bud will be several magnitudes more potent. I use half of my grow for smoke and half for tincture.

Your weed should be decarbed before making cannabutter or tincture.


Thanks man. In reference to the wet trimmings, is it only possible to decarb them in a crockpot? I know they can be dried first, but doesnt that degrade the thc on the trimmings? I guess it doesnt matter now because id definitely prefer to use the buds since they are more potent, but i am curious just in case i experiment with it.

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I decarb the bud and then either infuse it with butter or extract it for tincture. I don’t know about crockpot decarb. I do it my oven using the chart above.
I wet trim on the plant the night before harvest and don’t save the trimmings.


Yea i doubt i am going to be either now…haha. thanks for all your help. Its been much appreciated!


I would see blackthumbbetty for all things edible

I know others post how to recipes. Search the forum for what you want to make


I followed her and 1 other person here on the instapot method. Worked great! 1 jar to decarb and infuse🤘 Christmas will be fun this year😎


Thanks for the link. Can never get enough good reading on this subject.

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@oldmarine just bought my magic edible maker so i suspect my christmas will be pretty awesome as well…mine and my close fam and friends :joy:

And cheapo me got it for $25 off. I think they must have dropped a stack because they got 3 or 4 that have large cosmetic damage haha. Kind of amazing actually because i didnt want to spend over $45 but i fell in love with this one, and i just got lucky, hopefully. If not ill just return it and get a different one.