Ebb & Grow Adventures

Figured i would start a new Journal to track my adventures now that the grow room is finally under construction.

Until i decide what route of hydro i want to use and upgrade my lights ill still be working out of my tents but it will be in my own space. No more sharing the wifes office space, shoved in the corner blowing her out with weed aromas.

Im leaning towards an RDWC, or a Modified Ebb & Flow/RDWC combo setup with 4x 2’x4’ tables w modified table lids. Or if i want to run a complete Ultra-Pot Advanced Grow System…nevermind i think i know what direction im heading.

I said all that to say this. I have no illusions this room will be complete anytime soon other than getting the flooring laid, walls painted, roller tracks for lighting and a few other mods. New lights and a couple other big ticket items are not in my near future lol.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2.5

Day 3

Today is Day 4 ish of the project. Im waiting on Home Depot to stock my flooring and call me today to come pick it up. This is a total budget build so, vinyl sheet flooring it is. @ .66 a square foot i couldnt beat it.

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Major improvement! And you are outta your wifes space!! Looks good.


This part right here.


How much light do you need to be sufficiently equipped and how handy are you with electrical?


Its a 15x12’ room. I was leaning towards Cretivity 1000 watt pro. That have a 4x6’ frame and a 6x8’ flowering footprint. Theyre like $550. And i figured 4 of those would fill the room perfect. Watched some independent reviews on them and theyre solid in output dept.

So about 4k watts.

Yes to electrical and the wife used to wire and solder warheads for the military so what ya got Growmie. Im totally down for more DIY


Thanks for the tag Ebb. I’ll be watching


And it begins. Home Depot just called me and told me they dont have the material i ordered and paid for yesterday that was in the back stock waiting to be shelved. They sold it to someone else and called to tell me they had bits and pieces left if i wanted them. I absolutely hate this town. Its like every buisness here is run by the same inept managment.

A 15x12 sheet and they call to say they have 7’ section and a 6’ section. For starters that doesnt cover 20sq yards


@Graysin send me the deets on the diy lights. Im totally down.


I’ve already got an 11-strip “fixture”, but it’s wonky (I was not especially careful with it when assembling for emergency use) and will need soldering to make it work without being a potential fire hazard.

It’s Bridgelux strips, MFG : Bridgelux / BXEB-L0560Z-30E2000-C-B3

I wish I remembered the total watt output, but I’m gonna guess 240ish, since it’s using the Meanwell HLG-240H-C1050A driver.

Anyway, point is, I’d be happy to send it to ya for the cost of shipping (strips, driver, and wiring as I’ve got it set up now). It’s collecting dust and I hate to let good light go to waste.


Happy to follow along.
Sucks about HD, sounds like typical customer service these days… sell it twice, and screw the customer that bought it first.


Set to watch :sunglasses:


You couldnt have said it better.

Worked a deal out with them for an upgraded vinyl and a free bucket of glue for the problems. So all in all its costing us an extra $60 bucks after splitting the difference in price. Its not the style i wanted but its ready today.


Not the color i wanted and it cost more but its in and i can start moving equipment in after some touch up paint.


Looking good @Ebb


@Ebb going to be an awesome room , i plan on doing somethi g very similar once the reno on my house is started a dedicated grow room with tents just for veggiing and drying


Thats how mine will be until i expand out of my tents. Its amazing how small the room becomes with a single 4x4 set up


Girls moved into the new room. Some are still in transition from Hydro to soil but starting to recover well.

I accidently forgot 2 of my reveg in the flowering tent for a week in the confusion and excitement of finally getting the house under construction. Which is fine w me. Itll be a small harvest but another one in a couple months either way.

Still a ton of work left to do in here just thought id share some progress


Love the set up so far, nice work!


Finally decided to get off my 🫏 and do some more work in the grow room.

Got around to these poor girls that were tossed into the same 8" net pot and chucked in a 5 gal bucket. Only to be forgoten about and left in a flowering tent until it was too late. So now theyre sharing a symbiotic home in a 27 gal res to finish their daze.

The difference in these 2 is crazy. The one towering over the other is a revegged Skunk Hero Rbx and the cute little micro plant is a revegged End Game Rbx “the Punch Line” that was a mutant last grow.
Niether of them were meant to be thrown in flower already so its kind of whatever at this point. I plan on feminizing them in a the next day or so.

Crafted a little Ac Infinity 11" Ionbeam bar light to help supplement the little End Game. Added a fan to the tent and shut her up for the night.

Got some other improvements im still in the process of finishing up. Will post more soon. Happy Growin Fam!


Got around to adding the FAE patches to the martha tent. Im pretty happy with the way they came out and function. Still waiting on the Lions Mane spores to arrive so i can get this thing up and running.

This room definetly is not the direction i had planned when i first started putting it together. Given the lack of funds for new lights this was the cheapest route to keep me busy.

@Loweyez73 said you want to follow along :wink: