Here's my 1st Grow!

Hi everyone Auntie here with my first grow.

A little bit of backstory: one of my close friends has been growing for a long time, but had to take a pause recently, so he gave me a bunch of his old gear. I inherited the tent, ducting, exhaust fan, plywood platform, and a watering kit (haven’t set that up yet).

I had the tent sitting around for a couple of weeks, and just finally got around to getting the Mars Hydro TS 3000 lights, a Pulse grow monitor, and 9 clones (I paid for 8, but got one for free ).

The strains I’m growing:
3x Gelato #45
2x Wedding Cake
2x Cherry on Top
2x Sweet Thang

Does anyone have experience with these?

I’m growing them in soil - I used Fox Farm Ocean Forest, a bag of perlite, and a little bit of dolomite lime. I didn’t have enough pots, so I had to wash out some of my old pots and transplant some of my random other potted plants. I really hope I cleaned them well enough not to have introduced any pests.

Here they are all potted up:

Here’s my tent setup:

It’s in my garage behind a big ol tapestry.

I’ve got it venting out to a perfect port that goes outside of my garage into the yard:

Here’s my light & my pulse. Don’t mind the box fan in there, I’m getting a couple of smaller clip on fans in a bit.

And here’s how things are looking:

They’re on approximately 18 hours on / 6 hours off. I still have to fiddle with the timer a bit more.

Some questions - are they going to be okay at ~ 50% humidity and about 70-80F? I’m considering getting a humidifier while my babies are so little.

What do you all think? Any pointers and feedback?


It looks like you’ve done really well getting set up. One thing you will eventually need to be concerned about is that your tent is going to get awful crowded as they grow. I would suggest flipping them early, or even culling weaker plants. You will struggle to flower more than 4 plant in the tent. Keep in mind that most plants will stretch 30 to 50% (sometimes even more) in size after you flip them to flowering.

Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum.

I agree space is going to get tight. You should only need to water for the first 4-6 weeks. Get a good ph meter and a ppm/tds meter. They will help save a lot of headaches later.

I do not see a filter on your exhaust. As they mature the odor can get extreme. If your venting outside and you live in a neighborhood all the neighbors will smell the grow. When mine are in flower all I have to do is open the tent and the house smells of cannabis.


Nice start! I would use some clip fans within the tent to keep air moving and also maybe a carbon filter attached to exhaust fan to prevent smell when budding starts.


Set to watch

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I’m set to watching as well. Gonna come along for the ride, if you don’t mind :v:

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@Fourtwentyog @Bubblehead Any suggestions of clip fans & carbon filters?

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How long do you think I should veg for? I’m considering culling weaker plants, or trying to just jam 9 in there.

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If you have friends send them a plant or two. You will find that they are going to be too big for the space.

Great job in the start. I didn’t see any mention of CalMag. You should be watering with that each time. Just a suggestion weed really loves CalMag and will thrive.

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I would suggest flipping to 12/12 around 6 weeks if you don’t have much room.

If you are in Ocean Forrest you won’t need nutes of any kind for at least 5 weeks from your last transplant. OF is a very hot soil.

What model of fan do you have? The filter cfm needs to match cfm of the fan or it will pass more air than the carbon in the filter can handle.

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I think I just bought like cheap 7 dollar clip fans.

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Hey everyone,

Wanted to update you all on what I’ve been up to.

I was a little worried about my humidity being too low for such little plants, so I put a humidifier that I had around the house in there.

The capacity was a bit low and it required refills too often, so I bought a top-fill humidifier instead.

I’ve gotta say the little babies are looking much happier! Here’s some shots:

The setup:

New growth:

Here’s what things looked like while I was fiddling with the humidity. Seems like it’s paying off though, the plants really seem like they’re taking off.

I’m getting some new fans (to get rid of the box fan) and a couple of inkbirds to really get things nice and tropical in there for my babies.

I guess I should top them once they’re all looking happy? Any tips?

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Ill be watching too! Tag me in if you don’t mind. :v:


@IceSheets i believe this is me tagging you

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Love this - this is so much better than just tossing the plants.

Even in Ocean Forest? I heard that the soil is pretty hot already.

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I’ll take a look at the model. It was given to me by a friend.

I grow in OF and use DIY PLC strip lights. On last grow I needed to start cal mag at about week 3 of veg. You can start it at half dose. It won’t hurt and definitely will prevent cal-mag deficiency.

yes it helps the leaves stay green. it was my experience during this grow.

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How can you tell that the plants need cal-mag?

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