Early flowering plants, also vegging

My plants started flowering early after just a couple months. Been seeing this happen to some other people. How or why is irrelevant at this point. Trying to save them.

The buds appear to have either stopped growing or slowed down while the new growth that has continued is vegging like it should.

The question is what happens to the existing buds when the plant matures? Continue to mature, rot, start growing again, etc?

@ertert I’m following along as I have the same issue, which is new for me, so eager to know how to deal with it, or what the effects are that may be expected.

Pictures would help if possible buddy

Was going to some pics but didn’t think anything much to see. Look like regular plants.
(to me)

Iv’e upoalded before and was able to do large pic where you can zoom in.
These came through smaller.

Here’s what’s going to happen. When the plant goes back into flower it will build up buds in every place with that new growth. They will be packed in together and as long as you give it plenty of food and water it will probably be some of the biggest colas you’ve ever seen seen.

Now here’s the drawback. Because your buds will be so densely packed you’ll have a increased chance for mold, mildew and insect infestation


Thanks for the reply. Sounds like you are saying it will start new buds “mixed in on the same stem” with the existing?