DWC Scrog Tips/Discussion

Ok. So I may be poking the bear but that’s standard for me. I found a few threads about scrog designs including the one from @Myfriendis410 with the mobile design as well as some other including the one that pops up on creating an epic scrog which…is waaay too much work for me since I have limited tools and murphy would prob have a field day with me.

So…can we discuss scrogs in general? I will be setting up 2 -8 Gallon rectangular dwcs soon running all autos from mephisto genetics and ilgm. I also have an elastic scrog already which I’ve never used, some pipe cleaners, training wire and tomato cages (clearly I am used to mainlining and LST). I keep thinking, should I build a scrog or just mainline and use tomato cages like normal? I also thought about trying to build individual scrogs using the wooden plant stakes since that may be lighter. I’m all over the place and trying to figure out if building a custom scrog will be worth it in comparison to LST or the elastic. I do like the novelty of not fighting with one universal net for res changes if I build individuals but idk. @Covertgrower @HappyHydroGrower @dbrn32 what’s y’alls take?


Go the easy route. Get some 1 inch pvc and a handful of 90 degree bends, a drill and some
string. Make as big or as little of a SCROG trellis as you need. Doesn’t have to be fancy at all,
it just needs to work. And besides, you can’t screw up a pvc framed net. (Hell, even I can’t screw
a PVC net up and that’s saying a LOT)


:rofl::rofl::rofl: is yours sitting over top your res or attached to the grow space? Well that’s the thing too. Part of me is like simple is better. The other side is like man who wants to have to come back and readjust this or build a new one if it becomes a pain.

Well the net needs to remain stationary so the buds can grow into their space but it’s completely up to you how it’s anchored.

I’m not SCROGing this grow but I definitely will be next grow (in 4-6 weeks after this current harvest) and I’ll have my net attached at the ceiling of my tent.


@Myfriendis410 made some dope ones I was like man just lift and res change. I guess at the end of the day I’ve never had to try lifting a plant against the net every week but the more I think about it in flower the more I’m like :face_vomiting:. Rdwc would make it a lot easier but I gotta crawl before I walk ya dig?


SCROGs work, and you can use a lot of different kinds of nets. It’s just a form of LST In my opinion.


Scrogs are great, if you know what to do with the plant once it reaches it, unlike some people here… haha! (Meaning me)
I’m still trying to figure this out…lol :joy:

I attached my scrog to my tote this grow so I can raise the lid along with the whole plant.
It’s really working out great.

So many options. I’m sure you’ll figure out what works for you!

You ought to check out how @Hellraiser does his plants. He probably get twice as much as I do in even a smaller space and doesn’t even scrog, I think all by training and LST.
I still think @Grandaddy013 scrog is the goal of all goals… lol not to cut anybody else’s scrog down. I don’t have enough tags to mention everybody… lol
Good luck. :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:


Sorry; been running all day.

I’m in the same position; building two SCROGS for a two tray ebb and flow setup. I am using nylon string, PVC tubing and fittings and a couple of lengths of 2 X 4 so it adjusts up and down. I’ll put it up on my journal if you want to watch for it. I’m just setting this thing up now with donor plants vegging along lol.

IMO it is used to A: flatten canopy and B: turn a round plant into a rectangular footprint to maximize lights. I’m not convinced it yields better than a well trained upright plant.

The other thing about a SCROG is it really needs plants you can torture a bit: FIM’ing or topping, Supercropping etc to force some decent side branches for weaving into the screen. But I’m not an auto grower.


Yeah I was eyeballing your design a good bit. Has me regretting going to dwc a lil lol. Good point. With autos I’m not sure it would be wise to pull all the stops out as far as training since time would be a limitation. Maybe LST is the way to go and scrogging for my photos. Looks like more experimentation is in order.

Yeah that’s much lovelier. But its recirculating right? Why did you need to get the top off? Cleaning? Def looks more hassle free. What’s holding it down @HappyHydroGrower

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I have holes drilled through the lid and then wrap a zip tie around the pvc. If you keep it even and spread it out right, it doesn’t take much to hold it down. There is some pressure on the scrog but there’s enough slack in the string to let it move.

It is.

Yes to all, and also be able to make sure roots aren’t getting too close to the outlet.
If I can ever get time to fool with her I’m gonna add another scrog on top of that, to help spread her out some more. Hope to have that done tomorrow.


Ayyye! I think sketching something out might be a good move. I def gotta see it at least in my minds eye ya know. I’m still tracking and man you got your girl up to speed rather nicely. I take it with the Ts you just throw another scrog on top?

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Just seems smart that if you were going to run scrog in hydro would be recirc with an independent res for solution changes and maintenance. Surely you could get by without, but I’m willing to bet would be lessor experience.


I feel it. And the more I consider autos and their unpredictability the more LST seems feasible esp looking at the way my buckets are designed cuz I’m using rectangular buckets with a back flap to check the water etc. Was just thinking that even there I’m sure theres a height difference between how the basket sits and the flap itself. I’m def jumping on this for my next grow space since I know ill go recirculating and the buckets for that will be round. I think I may have some success LSTing on rectangular buckets similar to scrog esp if I mainline. Good points!


Doing one 5x5 table and one 4x4 table…each has a Maui waui underneath. Its a 6ft tall plant so I’m going to veg and tuck one more week and then probably go to flower and tuck a couple weeks through the 2 to 3 ft. stretch period and let it fill in the table. After that I will use my upper trellis as they get taller.

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My SCRoG was 44" x 5’8". It was bothersome to string as well as dismantle. I liked it once it was up, and for me anyhow, I feel it takes some experience with the technique. Knowing when and what and far to trim brom the base up can be an art form. I would say worth persuing if one enjoys experimenting and has the space. Mine assembles/dissassembles easily. I color-coded all the connectors.