Durban Poison in Rockwool

So, my next grow is gonna be Durban poison, it’s my new favorite strain as it gives me energy that I never thought possible from bud. So i wanted to use these cube things. I saw a grow on youtube and it looked like you just keep stacking the cubes on bigger cubes til you got three? And then I just need a pump and a reservoir right?

If there is an easier way for hydro please feel free to recommend

Not sure what you mean by stacking rockwool?
TBH, I don’t care for rockwool, I prefer root riot. No need to ph root riot, and it has been working great for me so far.
There are a lot of different hydro systems, a dwc would be just some air stones and a pump really.

I don’t really know much but this is what i saw, but it was 3 blocks high, each one larger then the last with the plant at top…like they just throw a bigger block underneath when it gets a certain size

So i dont think Im gonna use rockwool. I used coco this time, i might just stick with that…Or maybe promix? idk, but soilless for sure.