Durban Poisen Photo 1 Blackberry Kush photo 1

  1. Indoor 5 gal fabric
  2. ILGM Durban Poisen and Blackberry Kush
  3. Regular, feminized
  4. Tap water with high PH
  5. 6.5 PH unless runoff needs adjusted.
  6. Ocean floor
  7. Jacks 321 and 15-5-20
  8. Spider farmer. The cheapest ones
  9. What are the temps in your growspce? Day / Night? 70 during day give or take a few. 60 at night
  10. 50ish% humidity
  11. Humidifier,
  12. Do you have a Ventilation system? Size? Yes 4" homemade.
  13. No CO2
  14. Not long, this is my first time with seeds I have purchased. The first time I ever tried was in this space with seeds we collected. I wanted to see how hard the environment would be to maintain in our utility room.

I couldn’t get the DP to pop. Went through about 4 seeds before I realized they were probably to cold, I found a nice warm spot next to my furnace and it couldn’t wait to get out.

Tents homemade from Parts. 2ft by 4ft by 6’5". Wrapped in military surplus wool blankets.

The Blackberry Kush worked first try and still going strong. I veged it until the DP caught up.

I topped the Durban Poisen after the 4th or 5th node. (I can’t remember exactly) and have been tying it down to stay even on top.

The kush was just bent over. It was struggling at first but after reading from ILGM website needs a little extra nitrogen and magnesium. It may have also been nutrient shortage since the ocean floor was a mix of used ocean floor from the earlier grow. It seems to have taken kindly to it however. the entire grow the tips have been burnt. Not a lot just the very tips.

I studied this forum a bunch and read all the ILGM info I could.

I’ll trim them up tomorrow. Hoping the 15-5-20 comes by watering time. Otherwise I’ll use the 321.

Started out with the bergman nutes than onto jacks. Stayed between 1000 and 1400ish ppm with bergmans than used half dose of jacks boast week by weight in grams.

The girls graduated to flower April 1st and are thirsty.

My tap water isnt great. I keep runoff at 6.5ph.

I do have a question.

My water has a ppm of 400 or less. When adding nutes do I add the 400 to 1000? So a 1400ppm before watering or would I only add 600ppm to make it 1000ppm prewater. I always adjust ph.

Also am I suppose to adjust ph with jacks? Since im using the 15 - 5 - 20 next.

Do i just use weight for jacks or still measure ppm?

Also, I feel like I could grow the DP to the size of the tent. How much is to much for a single plant?


Yes you do need to PH your water. The plant on the left looks hungry in the top photo yellowing leaves. This could be a lock out but your run off numbers are ok.

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Just watered and the DP runoff was 6.5 exactly. The Blackberry Kush looks and feels like maybe a day for watering based on soil coolness. It was still perky before I did some trimming. The 15 -5 - 20 came in time for watering so I used that. We’ll see how they look tomorrow.

Added another fan.


Watered the BK with jacks. Looking Forward for it to perk back up. Run off was right at 6.5. PPM was a little high. I’ll be sure to use less nutes for the next watering. Perhaps the run off has been higher due to it being much smaller plant than the Durban Poisen. I’ll have to remember that for future grows and maybe find a pattern.
The next Blackberry Kush grow I will top it.

DP seems to have perked up, however I feel it has looked better. Cut some more fan leaves and spread it out more. Making sure no bud sites are blocked but not allowing light to pass through the plant.

They both woke up. The Blackberry Kush seemed to like the jacks. I did some training on both, more on the Durban Poisen. I am thinking thr BK transplate wasnt the best. I feel like the roots are a little to shallow. Other than that I did not do to much. Just going to watch them grow.

Blackberry berry kush really jumped up over night. Still a nutes problem. The runoff was higher last watering so that might be it. Its shown signs of nutrient problems since the beginning but it keeps growing.

Durban Poisen seems to be doing it thing. Some more yellowing on some branches and others look healthier. But as life it keeps growing.

Checked on them yesterday (4/20/24) and the DP was at the limit of being thirsty. Watered it and runoff number were good 6.5 and 1200. It looks so much better. I thought maybe it got to hot for some reason but it just needed water. I just couldn’t believe how thirsty it got in less then 24 hrs because I look at them everyday. Blackberry looks good. I’ll check on them again before bedtime.

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I’m more of a living soil kinda guy, I use dry, organic topdressing and thus rarely check runoff. @Lostgirl may be of some help to you with the grow.

Awesome thank you do much!

You’re on the money with the pH runoff of 6.5 try to keep your feed total ppms going in this is including nutrients and water totaling around 900 ppms +/- 100ppm

You’re looking for a runoff of a thousand PPM +/- 100ppm

If your runoffs or excessively high then do a H2O only for the next watering/feed to help bring them down. Your goal is to maintain a 1000 PPM runoff with a 6.5 pH I hope this helps

Thank you for the tag @PogueMahone

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My pleasure

Should i use the bloom nutrients from jacks some more to get them to flower? I switched on 4/1 to 12/12 lighting and they each only received one watering with the 10 - 30 -20. That is when the DP started turning yellow and the run off ph was 7 with an 6.5 input. So i switched back to the other nute. Thank you so much for raking the time!

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I thought that I saw pre-flowers!

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Just something to put in your files

Cannabis Leaf Symptoms Quick Guide With Pics | DRCANNABIS.IO

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I use advanced nutrients I know absolutely nothing about Jack’s 321 or any other Jack’s products. There’s a lot of guys here that do. @OGIncognito

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I’ve ran the bloom 10-30-20 during transition and the first 3 weeks of flower then back to 321. Were these plants sexually mature when you flipped the light? 20 days typically will see preflower results unless they hadn’t reached maturity :love_you_gesture:

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I thought they were. I transplated the BK on 1/7 and the DP was on 1/26 into their 5 gal.

I only used the bloom once on each at half strength. The schedule says week 1 of transition however after reading last night and after you wonderful people im thinking I should use it until it reaches flower.

I will have to water the Blackberry Kush today so I will not be using nutes but might next time depending on the runoff.

From what I understand the next watering:

If needed; use bloom until in flower during transition.

1000ppm total in my 1 gal water.

Adjust PH depending on previous readings.

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I would recommend the bloom at full strength, part B and Epsom. The dosage below has worked well for me from preflower thru week 3 of flower then back to 321 full strength :love_you_gesture:

Jacks 10-30-20 at 3.5 grams
Jacks Part B at 1.6-2.0 grams
Epsom salt at 1.0 grams

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Awesome thank you so much! Ive been wanting to add part b for some nitrogen because the yellowing however i didn’t want to accidentally make mustard gas some how mixing chemicals i dont know lol

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All good Growmie :love_you_gesture:

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