Drying troubles....mold

Had two white widow autos…First one went off perfectly…cut them down trimmed it up and into brown paper bags… After checking on them and airing them out a few times a day, in about four or five days they were dry enough to jar…perfect…so proud of my first grow, I gave a lot away…after all I had two plants…so the second one was two weeks younger and I cut the first one at 9 weeks because of expected rain… I let the second one go the full 10 weeks…cut it down into brown paper bags just like before…only this time when I checked on them…I saw this

What do I do beside ditch it and buy more seeds for spring?

Hang them up with a fan blowing on them maybe even a light aimed at them u want to try dry them quickly before it spreads

cut out the bad and do like @Saffa said maybe you can salvage some of it…

Yeah it’s definitely too late to apply any bug killer, but maybe you can try biological fighting solutions? Such as using insects that’ll eat that shit (if they exist, i’m not sure).

If you want to smoke that, the best would be to be able to get ride of this by hand, but I think it can be hard and that the taste of your bud is already afected…

I think that even though you thought they were ok to be put in jar, maybe you should have let them a little bit more in your drying room, and with a better ventilation. When I say better, i’m not talking about products, but about ventilation circuit: where the air comes from and where does it leave the room, exactly like a grow room setup!
If you don’t think the problem is there, then just check the humidity you have and make sure to decrease that level with a air dehumidifier or to maintain the level with a Boveda 62.