Drying possibly to Quick maybe

Been drying for 3 days got 29gs wet from a small plant and checked them today about a quad started to cure them, any suggestions on to get the hay smell out completely??? And left my other plant still hanging left in grow tent with rh around 55% and temp 68 the bigger buds in their feel kinda dry on the outside… but Any suggestions on To Get Rid of Hay smell for Good I don’t want be smokeing (Hay weed) is it possible to also revive them and get the hay smell out or anything im still new to this…

Your going to have to be patient and you need to do this several times to get good at unfortunately it’s a balancing act of making sure there noist but not too dry and slowly cure over a 3 week minimal period to get rid of the hay grass smell u wanna dry about 5 to 7 days depending on your humidity in your area… you can manipulate this with dehumidifiers or humidifiers or both to do thoroughly control every aspect of a space… ideal drying rh is 62% and you wanna drop down to 62% at rest INSIDE the jars without opening them… if its raises above 62 you wanna open jars for a couple mutes and jostle buds around …even dumping them out and re arranging them helps for uniformity… it’s a learned process really thorough trial and error…I’ve attempted to cure 6 to 7 lbs of weed over 2 years and I still am struggling with it …I’m getting much better but I’m learning the old school all natural way which has alot of variable based on climate… and you go by feel and knowing what good weed should he finished and look and feel like… I’m getting good but not the best so with that being said practice makes perfect :sunglasses::v:


I try to shoot for a 10 day dry at the end of each grow, usually at 60 - 65% RH. The cure will eliminate the hay smell and give you the nice cannabis smell. The smell is normal. What @Fano_man said regarding other details.

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I would like to do 10 day dry …but when I wash my buds its IMPOSSIBLE to ride them longer then 5 6 days down here in florida… it stays about 50 55 rh everywhere … I’ve thought about methods to dry slower but with needing air flow I’d have to have a humidifier a dehumidifier and a towel (moist hanging with my buds ) and that seems like a mold recipie… I’ve had bud rot WPM… all kinds of mishapps…