Drying, curing, and storage question

has anyone ever tried curing or storing their harvest in airtight containers, with silica gel packets inside? i got to thinking this might be a good idea to prevent molding. just wondering if anyone has tried it and if so, how did it turn out?

Most Gromies use Boveda packs✌


Silica gel removes moisture, drying your weed.
Boveda packs let the moisture in an out as needed, keeping your humidity just where you want it.

That said, you really shouldn’t be experiencing mold in the curing or storing stage.

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i have read in places that people found their long term stored harvests moldy…

Then they most likely either stored them way too moist, the mold was already there when they started jarring, or they were storing in a humid environment and their containers weren’t fully sealing containers. I would wager in most cases the second scenario would be most likely.

interesting, thanks for the input!

so i see different Boveda packs for sale, with different RH factors… which one is the best for this particular application?

I use the 62% one.

62% is definitely the most popular. Some people like theirs a little dryer and choose the 58% packs.

whats the difference? … i mean how it feels to the touch, and how it breaks up

It’s just a matter of personal preference as to taste/aroma and burn rate. As far as how it feels and breaks up I don’t think anyone could tell a difference, given a blind test. Some people actually store at 62% but take some buds out to dry for an hour before smoking - in essence storing at 62% but smoking at 58%.


Yeah that’s I do, store at 62RH and pull a bud or 2 out and put in my dry box for smoking later that day.


I store at 62 and smoke it immediately. No difference. Now storing cigars you can tell the difference. I prefer my cigars at 60%.

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Yeah I like my smoke a little drier. I’m into cigars as well and store them at 65RH and like to dry box those for a little bit before smoking too.


When I toured Rocky Patel’s operation in Honduras we had a big cardboard box filled with cigars on the counter. It was perfect humidity so a humidor wasn’t needed. Hell I leave them out in my room as its humid enough that I don’t even need my 1200 stick humidor. Looks like a Grandfather Clock.

Another trick…drink Watermelon juice if your throat feels scratchy.

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Love watermelon juice, been making watermelon margaritas lately, so damn good.


I would kill for some cold watermelon right now. I am stuck outdoors 24/7 till the Firework Season is over. Hot, humid and smell foul since I can’t leave the stand.

Never had awatermelon margarita which sounds good.

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I’ve also thought about using something like those packs… then I thought to myself…dude save your money…you smoke wayyyy too much weed to even worry about storage…hahahahaha

So do use these packs if you’re freezing the weed or is it just for storing at room temperature? In addition to different RHs, I see it comes in different sizes. It looks like size 4 is the way to go?

I can’t see them being much help if youre freezing all the RH