62% humidity packs question

Just bought a dozen of these humidity packs to try, my question is:

If you had to choose one, would you use these in the jars your still burping or in the jars that have been vacuumed sealed and are already in long-term storage?

Edit: …or once I put these in can I stop burping jars?

I’ve never used them before so thanks in advance for any info :yin_yang:

You can use them for storage or curing. They basically keep your buds from drying out. You still have to burp the jars though. Mine did a wonderful job of maintaining weight throughout the curing and smoking process. When not in use I put them all in one jar so they don’t dry out. Not sure about the lifespan of them.

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From what ive learned and this is from using them for the last year, Dont use for the first 3 weeks in jars after that go for it but like i said just my experience just make sure your humidity in jars is 60-65% and 70 degrees i use a Caliber 4 temp and humidity reader fits right into mason jars

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Thanks for your input on my current first grow. I do know a few things about boveda packs, and have nothing but good things to say about them.

Theoretically, you should be able to put the packs together in a jar for storage and they will last forever.

I use boveda 69% for pipe tobacco. The small packs have lasted about 8 months and still going strong. Haven’t used the big packs because most of my containers are small. Though, my pops uses them for his larger table cigar humidors and nothing else.

I got some 62% with curing in mind, and have had one in my smoke jar for the last few months. It seems to help with wet/dry bud.

If you haven’t researched how they work it’s pretty !@#$ genius. Huge for cigar/pipe smokers, cannabis, medical stuff all sorts of things that need consistent humidity.

All I can say is I couldn’t be happier with boveda packs as far as my tobacco goes. I’ve bought over 30 of them and I think I threw away one that started getting hard. Super easy no hassle way to keep humidity.

I would use them both for storage and curing. Granted I’m 4 weeks away from my first time curing, if you want constant consistent humidity that’s what they do.

All I’m saying is if pipe and cigar smokers use them for their 100 dollar cigars or 20 year old pipe tobacco, they most definitely work and work well.


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Humidipaks work great I’ve got 40 of them sitting in one of my empty curing jars, they should last forever. I wouldn’t use them in the first few weeks of curing as I’ve read they can take away the smell and taste of the buds a bit, but after that they are fine to use.


Great, thanks everyone for the input! …so the jars that are already cured and vacuumed sealed would I be best to put these in them if they’re going to be stored say 6 months or more?

So when I’m around three weeks in and I’m only opening jars once every couple days or so this is when I add the packs, right?

Sorry if these questions seem simplistic but I’ve never used these before and there’s not a lot of great info online about how to use


Truthfully this is just me but I wouldn’t use them unless you need to raise your RH to 62%. They aren’t really needed unless you need to moisten up your buds, or if you want to store them long term. That’s just my opinion but. putting them in after a month would be perfectly fine and keep your buds fresh. In saying that, I’ve had buds in jars for ages since my last grow and I forgot to put paks back in, better go do that tonight, cheers for the reminder!


Yes ive found 3 weeks works but i do understand others will say what worked for them first time i used them in one of three jars and the one with the pack took longer to get smell back all same plant hang dried 5 days and into jars

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So everything I put these packs in, now soaking wet again :frowning2:

I’ve taken them out of everything under 3 weeks I don’t know if I want to open my long-term storage jars, there properly cured and vacuum sealed I think I’ll just leave them alone, I don’t want mold

…somewhere I saw that lightwood was said 62% is too wet I’m starting to think they might be

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… or maybe not?

I just open the middle jars that have been done maybe a week longer and they seem absolutely perfect

I do notice some of the scent is gone these are some of the stinkiest buds I have come up with yet and I’m not happy about that but I suspect when I take the packs out (if I do) the scent will come back to an extent

My question is if I’m going to vacuum seal these jars and put them into long-term storage do I need to leave the packs in?

Aren’t they already at the proper humidity level and won’t they stay there once there vacuum sealed in their jars?

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Once you have them at a stable humidity and you vacuum seal them you don’t need the packs anymore.If you have a good seal.
HappyHemping and good luck


Maybe your product was too moist when you put the boveda packs in?

They are supposed to suck any extra humidity in or expel any humidity needed. Maybe the size of the packs or amount of humidity already there is too much for them.

I have also noticed a smell difference when using these packs in my smoke jar.

I’m pretty sure you can order just about any humidity level you need. You could buy lower levels and experiment possibly.


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That’s what I wanted to hear thanks buddy I appreciate that info! :thumbsup:

@Bassface45 you’re exactly right ! …they were thick skunk buds that really weren’t ready for the packs, too wet

Heard on other cannabis websites that 52% seems to be a favorite in the Cannabis culture

I think they’d be great for perking up bud that had been properly stored for a while, once opened


Good lookin’ out :+1:t3: Did you ever try the 52% packs? I’m ordering them tomorrow. That number sounds right for 1qt jars.

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I’ve never had enough to store away but I do now!! My question is: After the Curing phase How Often, if any, do I Replace the Humidity Pack?? And if I need a nug from the jar do I just open and take it out with no problem?? I’m Ignorant on most of this stuff and this is my 5th grow with Great results and I Don’t want to screw it up! Thanks


The humidity packs will turn hard and crunchy when they are all used up. They will last a long time if kept in jars with buds :v::bear:


62% seems to be the accepted number by most here

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I like the 58% RH ones personally. I like my weed a little more on the dry side. It makes it easier to grind up IMO


This tread reminded me to check on my jars. The last batch I grew I dried a bit too much and keep having to add moisture .

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If you toss a couple of the small 62s or one of the larger ones in the jar, it should help freshen them up if they are too dry

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