Dry trim or wet trim?

I’m getting conflicting info on this subject and only finding older post on the two. I’m only growing a few plants for personal use so I’m interested in the taste and aroma but can’t seem to find an answer. This is my first grow so please bare with the inexperienced questions. Thanks!

Dry trim is more convenient for long term storage. But fresh frozen does generally have more sativa like qualities to the finished product, as well as more of the lighter terpine flavors are maintained.

You can even make ‘ice water/bubble/gumby hash’ from big fan leaves trimmed off – even well before flowering has begun.

Keep in mind, the larger fan leaves have significantly less, and mostly much smaller trichomes, and a lot more of this material will be needed to get a decent volume of hash.

For other extraction methods, for the most part, it is generally the same, fresh trim might have more flavors and a more “up” or “cerebral” high. Some might find it more anxiety or panic inducing – something to keep in mind as well, and of course if you start with a strong sativa, over a indica dominant strain, again, some people need to be careful of having an anxious or paranoid high.

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I have done dry trimmed one plant and wet trimmed the other. Both where the same strain. Result: wet trim: less smell and harsh smoke. Dry Trim: stronger smell, smooth and a better high. So I will never wet trim again


What type of extraction method did you use?

Cooking in butter and others, you might still have to deal with the chlorophyll.

But with ice water extraction, you are only collecting the pure trichomes, the leaf matter, and chlorophyll are thrown out with the water.


I also do a dry trim win my plants. I cut and hang them whole. Then trim when dried.
I agree with @durabloom

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Are you smoking the leaves? Or making butter with them?

Again, it depends on what you are using the trim for.

If you are making ice water hash, then fresh wet, or fresh frozen while still wet is considered the best for maintaining all the lighter terpene flavors. Fresh wet, when put in the ice mixture, it is kind of the same as fresh frozen.


I’m talking about smoking them @MacGyverStoner lol

And no, not smoking the leaves, I smoke the buds.

He’s not asking about making hash. He’s asking about whether his final buds will taste/smell/smoke better if trimmed right after being cut down and still wet, or to wait until dried properly to trim.

My opinion is, they’ll taste/smell/smoke better when properly dried and then trimmed. Curing obviously is a major part as well, but I think we all know that one already!

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Well of course, then you need to cure the leaves to get the chlorophyll out, just like the buds for the best smoking.

Also, a point of note: A lot of people believe wet trimming your buds makes the buds harsher for smoking. This is certainly true if it is done carelessly and a lot of chlorophyll from trimming the wet leaves gets onto the buds.

Who is ‘he’? Neither of the above posters stated why or when the trimming should take place from the buds. Actually the buds are never mentioned.


and when did he mention making hash or extracting anything?
I’m literally just expressing my opinion, trying to help. Not EVER trying to step on toes!

My opinion @Clay0, dry your plants then trim. The buds taste better to me. IF that’s what you’re asking.
Hope I could help you out buddy! :v:

The real question is, do you even plan on using your trim for anything else lol?

@MacGyverStoner .i thought the same thing my self …Hash making LOLOL. didn’t know he was trimming …Hammer .

@durabloom hers a thought …if all conditions are equal…in drying room …and time permit’s …i would hang the whole plant minus only roots …in 3-4 days remove only the shades .then when a branch can just snap ,trim the rest off , place in air tight container .and burp a couple time’s a day till proper moister is achieved …doing this allows for a slow cure .thus letting the chlorophyll die out …and the aroma and terpenes to stand out …if trimmed wet it will dry to fast ,normally …i do both …the wet trim i raise RH and monitor closely (for mold) so to slow the dry a bit . then freeze when dry. Hammer

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There’s this lady, Jane Dro, that does stoner vids on YouTube (she’s funny, and gets really baked before each lesson), and her main rationale for dry trimming is purely practical: your trimmers don’t get gunked up as much as the sticky, wet trim. :slight_smile:


I love her, lol she’s funny and seems like someone I’d totally be best friends with!


Hahahaha… I love this site! You guys are hysterical. I just wanted to know the main differences amongst the two and I got my answer plus some so now I’m looking into how to make bubble hash!


I kept reading how tedious dry trim is but I only have a few plants so I’m definitely doing dry. I mean, honestly at this point, I love those plants more than my wife!


May be off topic or not-I get on the wrong train of thought sometimes But after I’ve learned you can top autos I say anything possible so my second batch of butter I used coconut oil and didn’t strain it. Nice crunchy nutty toasted flavor.

what part of the south u from

I love watching her videos, she smokes while she works.


North Carolina


I’m in nc too