Dry Sift Using Bubble Bags - My Plan

Hello there.

In this post, I lay out my plan to extract as much THC as possible from a very poor AK Auto single plant yield.

I ask for members to review, comment and possibly encourage.

Using a 5-gallon bucket, to which I have already layered: 25, 75, 160 and 250 micron Bubble Bags.

To encourage the sifting of trichomes, I put 5 marble balls at layer 75 and 15 marbles at layer 160.

For the top 250 layer, I have the most marbles aimed at gently carousing buds and trim.

Using the bucket lid to stop spillage, I can rock, rattle, stir and roll.

The next step is to extract the nectar.

Layers 250 and 160 will head towards decarboxylation and be turned into canna caps.

Layers 75 & 25 will be made into hash “pucks”. These will be smoked or stored immediately.

That’s my plan.

If any members can see an obvious fault or have ways to improve the plan. I would welcome your input.

Good luck with your grow and regards,


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Sounds like a good plan, only thing I would do would be to exchange the marbles for chunks of dry ice.The dry ice freezes the trichomes and allows them to break off easier .


The best way to make bubble hash you should check out Frenchy Cannoli on YouTube or just google him he has the best hash fo sho


Bubbleman also has some great vids to watch, bubble hash and dry sifting.

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Sadly finding dry ice in rural Ireland would be as rare as tripping over fresh dinosaur droppings :wink:

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My plan is to freeze the DRY trim and bud along with the 250 layer marbles. Things might change - but that’s all part of the plan.


The marbles should serve two purposes

Form a central depression in the bubble bags to ensure or mitigate the nectar from sticking to the sides of the bag.

To promote the “fall-through” of trichomes.

My aim is to get the purest Kief at layer 25.

It might only be a speck.

Regardless, I’m going to smoke it.

Good luck and regards,


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Let us know how it works out @jackowhee

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I will, indeed.

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Hello there.

@Reticence, @mountainman1, @Hogmaster

It’s not often one of my plans work but using freeze-dried popcorn buds, trim
and ice cold marbles actually works in combination with Bubble Bags

Poor quality materal.

I stirred, shook, rattled and flipped for 15 minutes.

The next step was to remove the 250 and 160 bags and empty them in my baking tray.

The 75 bag.

The 25 bag

Weights in gms





I need more marbles to make sure I’ve enough for a second sift.

The ice-cold marbles seem to act like a dumbed down dry ice and grinder. In fact, I’ve named it the Irish Dry Ice Method (IDIM).

Good luck and regards,



I need a peer review.

Sounds like a fair return for the effort.Just remember going too hard with the tossing and turning tends to break up leaf matter and capitate stalks into tiny pieces that easily fall through the smaller micron bags and end up mixed with the good stuff. Try upturning a 5 gal bucket and carefully placing your 25m bag over the bucket and keeping the screen taut, gently card the resin using a stiff business card or store credit card across the screen from side to side with just a little pressure. This will eventually break up any leafy material and capitate stalks and push them through the screen. The intact resin heads will stay on top of the screen leaving you with a much purer end product. Happy hashing my friend.

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Baked the 250 & 160 scraps for 2hrs at 110 c. Then low simmered for 2hrs in coconut oil and water (50:50).

Just waiting for overnight refrigeration,

I used the formula found at Old Hippy’s website.

!0*(!2grms*10 thc) /10 per mg


120/.95=114 TABLETS

It’s been about 45+ years since I worked on algebra. But I should end up with around 100 capsules with a strength of 10% thc give or take…

Happy days.

Regards and good luck with your grow.


I didn’t turn the canna coco slab into capsules.

I just add a heaped teaspoon to my first cup o’ tea of the day.

Things are getting better.


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