Droopy no matter what

Anyone ever have a strain that droops no matter what you do? This is the second time I’ve grown a gorilla glue auto, and both times it’s droopy. Doesn’t matter if it’s wet or dry. I’ve turned the light intensity up, and down. It’s just a drooper. I’ve never had a droop issue on any other plants I’ve ever grown. Just curious.

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I ve had it a couple times I always thought it was something with the auto trait

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It must be. I’m not to big on autos, but I thought I’d do one in the winter since the light can stay on 18/6 which keeps the tent warmer.

I had a droopy photo! She was indoors then outdoors and never would perk up. I just named her Gary and let her ride,


Me too. Likely genetic and an interesting oddity!


I have autos going up till this morning they looked great , now they are dropping an I’m freaking out trying to figure out cause ? I know the temperature got a little cool last night but I don’t believe it was that , it was at 65 degrees , also soil medium is damp , an I been running advanced nutrients ph balance , any advice is greatly appreciated, worried an waiting? What should I do to straighten this up asap ?

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GG4 plant of mine drooped for the longest time, must be an inherent trait, but don’t fear, she will grow slow but the colas are dense and chunky. She’s also thirsty, eats 2.7 quarts of nute juice daily in a 3 gallon pot, sucks it up.