Droopy leaves in FLOWERING STAGE

Hey guys, I’m nearing the end of my first hydroponics grow. I have 2 w.w. autos from ILGM. I am in the 3rd week of flowering and I’ve noticed that my big plants leaves have suddenly drooped and I am at a loss to why?! Things seemed to be smooth sailing over the past few weeks. Any advice?

also note that I newbably overwatered my plants until half way (or a little less) through veg, so im pretty sure that affected my growth and stuff already.

Here are the deets of my set up:
-1.5 gallon hydroponics grow cabinet (from dealzer) with LED lights and exhaust fan

  • air pump with 2 air stones
  • RX green solutions (which are low ph nutrients - 4.8-5.8recommended)
    Currently 26 BLOOM A&B with added 8cc of BULK per recommended feeding chart
  • changing the reservoir once weekly last changed on Saturday 4/1
  • small fan to help with stem strengthening and circulation
  • light schedule 12-12
  • water temp 68-71*F
  • box temp 79-81*F
  • humidity 39-45%
  • TDS 1700
  • EC 3400’s
  • pH 5.0-5.8 (remember, I’m using low ph products - please take time to research RX green solutions before telling me that I am keeping my ph too low. Thanks!)
  • water level ~1in below net pots

I am kind of concerned about root rot, my girl started leaning a day or so ago so we help her stand up but still had healthy looking leaves, especially the top ones. Eek I would be so sad to lose one this far into it!

Have you tried an enzyme in your reserve? Like Cannizyme or Hygrozyme? I’ve heard that H2O2 will help as well. Those should keep your root zone rot free. :+1::beer:

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Your temperature in the box is high, and the TDS value is high as well.

You should be also using something like HydroGuard in your reservoir to keep the water and roots from problems.



If I use h2o2 (I have on hand) how much?

I thought 80* and below was a good box temp, any ideas on getting it lower?

Should I change my res and add less Nutes? Or just not add the bulk which is the pk booster I just added this past week per recs. (That jumped up my ec and tds)

Thanks for the guidance!

Are the air stones working well? H2O2 just adds oxygen to the water. An additional air stone added might help also. Jerry

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Just got some hydroguard off amazon. For my next grow, when should I start using this product?

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I’ve changed and cleaned reservoir, lowered TDS to around 1000 (26 cc of bloom a&b just didn’t add the pk booster)

Hydroguard on its way. Should I add h2o2 while I’m waiting?

Box temp still 75* - no interventions on that yet.

What else am I missing?

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HydroGuard is an important component when running a hydro setup, so thats a great buy!

Hydrogen Peroxide will work well to clean the roots of any bacteria or slime build up. You’ll only want to use a tablespoon per gallon, and let it run in the reservoir for at least 2 hours, but up to 12. After this time you’ll want to clean out the reservoir again and give fresh water and nutrient mix.

75F is a great temp for the grow box to be at!


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You are tracking temps from on top of res? if so consider the taller plant is in a far warmer area than your thermostat and during flower plants are far less heat tolerant less an issue during veg. With a high of 114f on the screen I would certainly expect some wilting
Also your ppm is pretty high you have to remember in warmer temps plants will drink lots the tip burn is sign of nutrient burn


I have a thermostat by my light. I put that one in there real quick to double check everything when I saw the wilting. I do think I’m having trouble with heat, by box range gets up to around 86* but whenever I’m looking it’s less than 83*. Any suggestions on how to cool?

I did back down my ppm by not adding any of the pk booster. Hoping she makes a turn around. Any other advice?

this is a home made box right? does it vent out and have good fresh air intake? if so can just be matter of speeding up exhaust some? As for ppm use the additives but reduce the base nutrients the additives will actually have more NPK than the base nutrients they just have better ratios for bloom

It’s the cash crop 5.0 from dealzer. I definitely don’t know about all this stuff to make my own, hence why I’m in this situation hahaha!! Thank goodness for you guys!

So when they drink more water, should I see a rise in ppms?

Thanks for all y’alls help! I’ve learned a ton reading this forum. Can’t wait to use all my new knowledge for my second grow!

actually the opposite since the ppm will raise based on water being consumed without uptake of nutrients but what happens is your plant will take water without nutrients faster than it consumes nutrients in turn leaving nutrients behind. This starts to create a toxic mix where your plant will inevitably drink the higher concentrations a lower ppm means it consumes both water and nutrients at equal rates. The nice thing about hydro is any nutrient formula can be reduced or increased as needed with instant change to root environment unlike soil which will retain and get build ups. What I would do with your current ppm levels is cut Base nutrients by 1/2 then add bloom nutrients at 3/4 dose ppm of between 800-900 will get you better results if plant is drinking heavy higher ppm’s are more for cooler temps and very large plants which is not your current conditions :wink:


Daaaaaaaang, see this is why I listen to you guys. So much knowledge!!! Thanks for sharing. :grin:

I’m gonna ask another question I’ve been curious about. Why does my ph increase so much the day after a reservoir change? Any ways to help with the swings? Is this harmful (I usually do it on days I can watch it like a hawk so it doesn’t go left untreated). Can this be harmful to the plants?

Nutrients take time to interact and level out and most lower ph as plant consumes them ph raises being out a bit for a day isn’t going to hurt anything I actually let ph swing from 5.5-6.3 and only adjust outside those ranges to get it back closer to 5.8
As a rule I change res before lights out then check shortly after they come on to readjust ph giving them several hours to interact before plant is drinking them up


What kind of light are you using? Looks like they are stretching much more than they should.