Drooping seedlings

A question from a fellow grower:

I am having trouble with my seedlings drooping and I’m not sure where my problem is.

I am using the cash crop 6.0 (from dealzer) with rx green
solutions that came with the box and growing 5 ww plants hydroponically.

The plants are 17 days old (day one being the start of germination) and my seeds sprouted on days 4-5.

Once our second set of (true) leaves started to form we added our nutrients (day 12). I started out slow on the nutrients to make sure I didn’t give them toxic levels (10cc of both grow A&B).
Im ph-ing my water to 4.5-5.5 mostly hanging around the 5 range
Water temp is steady at 69*
Box temp ranges from 75-85* with RO hum 35-45%.
TDS is around 500
Light schedule is 18/6 with the led light that came with box.
I also have a fan going in there part of the times to strengthen the stems.

The leaves themselves look good. One leaf is kind of twisted and another leaf on a different plant has a black spot a little bigger than a pen tip. The same plant with the black dot doesn’t seem to be forming roots like the others.

So my main questions are, 1) why are some of my plants drooping (they look like they are laying down, 2) should I be adding more nutrients at this point? I just feel like they should be growing faster and looking less droopy. But this is also my first grow and I could be paranoid.

One last question. My starter plugs are sitting in net pots that are loosely in there. Should I fill the rest of the net pot in so the light doesn’t get to the roots?

Any help/advice appreciated. Thanks!


Sweet spot for hydro is 5.8 ,4.5 is no good for your girls,and yes you want to add hydroton so light doesn’t get in res
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You may have more than one thing going on, without a support ticket I would not be able to give a proper evaluation

Support tickets are located on the main page, and a picture is still worth a thousand words, best of luck

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the temperatures, the light schedule, the fan are good

the pH should be 5.8 ±.3
the droopy leaves could be too much water or root problems
the twisted leaves are probably related to the pH being off
light may be getting into the reservoir
RH could be higher, 60%-75%
nutrients shouldn’t be necessary right now, definitely not more, I don’t know what rx green is.

Photos would be very helpful and water level in the reservoir.


That’s kind of what I said, multiple issues could be the cause, and a picture would help LOL …great minds think alike eh? :wink:


I only soil grow so the only thing I have for you is a welcome to the forum best wishes and congratulations on making the decision to grow your your own it is great fun to tend your plants

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I am using RX green solutions for my nutrients. They use a lower ph 4.5-5.5 with their nutrients.

Welcome to ILGM and Thank You for choosing us.

Ok no … 1) why are some of my plants drooping (they look like they are laying down,

Answer Over watering and or underwater can cause this

  1. should I be adding more nutrients at this point?
    Answer No Not untill she has 5 true sets of leaves then you can start nutrients

3 ) One last question. My starter plugs are sitting in net pots that are loosely in there. Should I fill the rest of the net pot in so the light doesn’t get to the roots?

Answer yes block light from getting to your roots. That’s why their slow.

Hope this helps and please add pictures


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I am filling my water reservoir right up to the net pots to maybe a half an inch up. Is that too much water?

My plants are standing much taller this morning. Which is good, I just want to prevent further drooping.

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… as the roots reach out of the cups you want some space between the water, about a half an inch because the splash will keep them wet if you’ve got enough air moving? you want the roots to grow down into the water

You might want to talk @hammer he is the dwc master

Here are my girls this morning.

The one on the top right doesn’t have roots coming out of the pot yet.


Thank you sir. yes @Hammer is your man when it come’s to hydro.


get a bag of hydroton


the peat pots should be resting on a layer of them and they should be packed in the sides of the net baskets.

the water bubbles should be bursting on the hydroton and that wicks the water up to the roots, don’t let the peat pots sit in water.


Lower the LED there stretching


They are 2.5 inches. I didn’t think that was too tall, but I did start them closer to the light.

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From the picture they look real long
And leaning over but clay pellets will help but remember that little stem is supporting everything above try to not let them get long in the stem the weight of new growth can break long stems
Hope that helps ill follow your grow love hydro got everything i need just havent stsrted one yet good luck


Yes I agree, lower the water, lower the lights and add Hydroton


I will say all i know about hydro ive learned from the guys and ladies on this site and let me tell you we have some real pros here …


5.5-6.2 with 5.8 being the sweet spot if you aren’t in that range your plant is not going to be able to use nutrients as others have specified above ppm should be below 300 if you are only on second set of true leafs you need yo keep light off your roots hydroton or neoprene inserts as suggested also above


Also be ready to pick your best 2 since that res is way to small for 5 plants unless you plan to put them in flower at 8" tall they will never have enough root space. If every thing is going right once ph is adjusted roots are covered they should pick up really fast once they have roots in the water they will be extremely crowded and the roots will in essence after 2 months of established growth be too big for system to hold or supply.