Double checking on ventilation system: vivosun ventilation

just wanting to see if this will cover my needs. i have a 4x4x6.5 tent

thank you!

That’s enough for your size tent as far as air movement goes, but the quality of those Vivoson filters is not that great at all, and the controller that operates the fan is just a variable speed switch.
It will definitely do, but if you can swing it, check out an Infinity Cloudline 6" fan with an electronic controller. You can set it to go on or off based on the temp and humidity inside the tent. Also, the best scrubbers are either phat filters or phresh filters.


I agree with @Cap_Ron about the AC Infinity fans are far superior to the Vivsoson fans and the electronic temp/humid controller is top line. I will be up dating both of my grow rooms and drying box with AC fans. Hope this helps.


Yes, AC Infinity fans are so much better.


@Hellraiser do you have any experience with DIY drying cabinets? I am working on one and looking for other growers with good ideas.

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No, I just hang to dry in my weight room with a humidifier keeping room about 50 RH and cold, to try to slow down drying.


That is what I do as well, but lately the RH is all over the place where I hang it so I decided to try something else this harvest. I will Tag you on my post so you can check it out.


thanks for the replies.

i can’t really swing the more expensive units. i would LOVE to have those though! maybe soon, i will be able to get those. at least this unit in the link will work this time, correct?

as far as drying, i think i am going to try and swing getting one of those wedryer xl dryers. it seems to make sure you don’t get mold, and i have seen really good reviews (outside of amazon).

but drying would be of interest to me as well. i need to keep the smell down.

I understand your situation, but buy once cry once.

To make matters worse, I would suggest the 8” cloud line. You can run the fan at lower speeds and WHEN You scale up, your current fan will still be relevant.

That fan will do plenty for you. I’m using that for exhaust and an ac infinity for intake. That fan is much stronger than the ac infinity but it is also quite a bit louder.

thank you. that is good to know!