So now i know my temps its on to fan controllers!?!

Hello and thanks for reading!

Well the numbers are in!

Ive now (finally!) run my viparspecrta for 12 hours and the hottest the tent got was 38 c
(This was the light on with no extraction at all)
The lowest the temps got (lights off) was 10 c so def gona need a heater in my tent!

I know that @Tarzan suggested getting a 6 inch fan and i did decide to follow his advice but the 6" is an extra £130!?! (£55 for 4" £184 for 6")

Also the price of the filter (rhino pro) almost doubles when you go from 4" to 6"

Ive made my mind up to go with the envirovent silent mv due to its ultra quiet running (24dB)
All the walls in my house are made of plaster board (or drywall as you call it!) except for the side walls between me and my neighbours (which are actually made of bricks!) so have to make an extra effort on keeping the noise down as much as pos even if jus to stop the misses moaning!

Im hoping that a 4" fan will be enough to keep my heat down to where it needs to be
As said my tent is only small (36 cubic feet) and at most ill be needing to lose about 10 c which shouldnt be too hard as ill be bringing in fresh air from the outside of the house and living in the uk the outside temps dont get that high!

So now to the next question…

Fan controllers!

What makes / models do you all use?

Ill be looking for one that…

1 lets the fan run continuously for constant air supply
2 is temperature controlled to keep the heat to where its needed
3 has a day and night setting (or a minimum and maximum setting) to save me having to keep getting in the attic to adjust (thats if you do need to hav a separate day and night temp… sure i read somewhere that you do?!? night 5 c - 10 c lower than day?!?)

Thanks again for reading and any comments made!

Hey bro, I had a similar problem… I mean if you only have one LED?? just get a humidifier with a hygrostat (keeps humidity at what you want it) this will cool stuff down and keep your humidity perrrfect.
Then, just get a decent osculating fan, or 2- 4 6inch clip on fans.
Totally depends on your needs for how much you need to spend on a fan and filter.
If you need it SILENT, like me, then you need to spend a fair bit or go DIY and wrap it up in some noise reducing materials.
If its no big deal if there is some sound/vibration then just go for a 50 euro one, no big deal, cheap 5 euro plug in speed controller and you have a 100 euro bit of kit, for half the price.

Now… if you want to go rhino thermostatic AWESOME, let me know how good it is. I wanted one, but ended up going for a Phresh stealth hyper fan 6inch, and its dead silent… so Fing cool, love the thing. cost… a hell of a lot. 200euro, but that beast will last until I die no doubt, so its a good investment.

To conclude. Like I said, not sure if you even need an expensive one, you can also get thermostatic controllers online that you plug a fan into!
Honestly, my advice is go cheapish, and temps wont change hugely, just figure it out, check it each day for a few days and sorted.
Once a week or however often you check it, have a look at your max/min temps on your thermometer and your gravy.

Hope this helps


Also I totally advise going DWC rather than soil. Just saying.

man10101, You probably made a good decision about the 4" fan. I tried two different ones but they were pretty much junk. If I’d spent the money and got a GOOD 4" fan I may very well have had a better experience. I ended up with a Vivosun 6" fan, got it put in last week and That thing is a beast! Not loud, doesn’t seem to be causing any vibration and now I have to take my hat off when I turn the fan on…lol!
Best of luck on your grow…please keep us posted on your progress.


Hi @McLovin777 and @Tarzan

Thanks for your comments!


yeah gona be looking into humidifiers next
My humidity went down to 14% when i had the light on in the tent so know this is something ill have to deal with
I did look at the rhino fans but theyre just not as quiet as the envirovent and i need quiet!
Also looked at the phresh fans but they are WAY out of my price range!
N i have no idea wat DWC is?!?
Something else to look into!!


Yeah im hoping the envirovent is a good fan
Im banking on it being as quiet as they say!
The noise level is my main concern as im going to have the fan and filter outside of the tent to save space inside
Glad youve found a fan ur happy with!
N dont worry… once ive run out of questions and have everything sorted ill b keeping you all up to date on my grow!

check out my set up, its a RDWC, recurculating deep water culture system, going to post pics tomorrow… these roots bro - 5 times the mass in 9 days… I shit you not its utterly crazy, over night they just fill the bucket SO COOL!
I just invested 50 bucks… very grudgingly on a humidifier, mines down to 35%! never seen it so low. Cool thing is it keeps the humidity to the % I chose, so should be sooo sweet for veg.
Anyway, hope you get a nice set up man, I really advise wrapping whatever fan you get in towels, bubble wrap, anything heavy as it does kill that extra bit of noise.

peace and love


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Thanks McLovin777!
Yeah let me know when ur pics r up

This is my first ever grow so going to keep it as simple as pos this time
Gona look into scrogging due to size of tent (small!) but other than that im just gona grow one plant and c how it goes!?!

this is my first grow too dude, very cool seeing the ladies develop! Id advise going for 2 or 3, incase one dies, but that’s just me :slight_smile:

I purchased a exhaust fan for my grow space and when I hooked it up it created vibrations on the floor in the room above it. The mounting bracket had 4 holes to use lags screws into wood. I ended up ditching the lag screws and hung it up using bungie chords and it eliminated the vibrations on the floor and made the exhaust fan very quiet.

The point I’m trying to make is even though the fan itself might be quiet you might still get some noise depending on how you mount it due to vibrations. So just keep that in mind before you hook everything up as you might be able to eliminate some of the vibrations and unwanted noise when you mount it.

Just wanted to throw that out there In case it helps.

Also I noticed you said you were going to put your filter outside of the tent. the reason for the filter (at least in my case) is to eliminate the odor. If you place your filter outside the tent you won’t be filtering out the smell from inside the tent. Just something to think about. (I am assuming the filter you are using is a carbon filter. If I misunderstood I apologize)

Like I said I may have misunderstood what your setup is going to look like and if so you can disregard this senile fool. Lol

ha! Fair play mate!
Hope it all goes cool for you!

Thought id go for one so i can give it all my attention so hopefully b ok?!?
If not ill just start again!
Plus only got a small tent
80 cm X 80 cm X 160 cm
n thought rather than squeeze a couple in there it b better to give one all the room to itself!?!

Hi Jmesser80!

Thanks for the comment!
Hav already seen others suggesting the same so yeah will be hanging the fan n filter too!
Good thing too or id probably of screwed em to the rafters!?!

As for filter set up…
gona have the fan extracting into the filter (blowing through) so will be
pipe to fan to filter
know this is different to most but trying to save as much room in the tent as pos… short tent big light!?!

I do the same thing on my grow and no issues with smell. I do recommend taking the pre-filter (or an old towel or t-shirt) and covering the opening inside the tent so the major particles stay out of the internals of your system.

HI Bob31!

Thanks for your comment!
Nice to hear of someone doing this too!

Hav seen another way where you cut the pre filter length ways so you can roll it up and fit it inside the filter
Am thinking your idea would be better tho as this would free up the space inside the filter
More internal space = better efficiency?!?

Also on a side note (and im probably gona open a big can of worms here!?!) ive also read that blowing through the filter is better (!?!)

When you suck through the filter the air is drawn in at the end nearest the fan meaning that it is that end that does most of the work with the opposite end not doing as much
This is why some filters are now reversible (rhino hobby filter for example) so you can swap the “working” end round and use the fresher end to prolong the life of the filter

When you blow through the filter pressure is created internally due to the smaller surface area that the air has to go through (the filters external surface area is much larger than the internal surface area)
This pressure means that the air is forced through the whole filter evenly rather than more one end than the other…

@man10101 Do you work in hvac? Or… You seem to have given this a lot of thought
? LOL. I have heard about the reversible filters and I think mine is as well.

My go to bud @Countryboyjvd1971 is an hvac guy by trade and he could probably opine as i am not all that well versed!

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No @bob31 i dont work in hvac but i have been doing a LOT of research into everything you guys have mentioned / suggested

As said to you on a previous question…
“sounds like were quite similar… i like the setting up as much as the doing”!

It should be easy to tell if youve got a reversable filter
There will be 4 / 6 / 8 screws around the neck and around the bottom plate like this

Hope this helps!

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@man10101 there ya go. I’m a tinkerer and I definitely enjoy the planning, setting up and all that much more than growing. Growing is cool, but there is only so much you can do!

My screws are on the sides of the flange. Remove them on the top and bottom and reverse them. I’d show a pic, but my filter is behind my tent and I can barely see it from the side. Kinda tight. I will be tearing down and moving to a different space after this grow is completed so I will be able to show you then if you are still interested.


Well yeah ur right @bob31 !
Once all the setting up is done, apart from the feeding and the occasional check on temps n humidity, i suppose u just leave the plant alone to “do its thang”!
Looks like ill soon hav to find another project to keep me occupied!


Yeah will def be interested to see what u got!?!
Its people like u sharing what they do is how im learning at the mo!

Many thanks!

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I learn most from watching and reading and learning from the others here at ilgm it’s been a blast!


Then you for sure have a reversible filter they theory behind that is that your going to pull more air closer to the intake Flage then the capped end air is lazy and will go the path of least resistance
You cans increase the working life by flipping filter around as I’m sure your both aware but just incase a newbie is reading this they gave an explanation lol
I’m around if you need me @man10101
But you sound like you have things under control