Dont know if male or not?


Looks like a girl to me.

Thanks i hope so my other 4 had pistils a month ago but i didnt have room under the lights for this one so ive just been using cfl lights for this one maybe thats why its taking longer it has got these little balls but they seem to have a bit of a pointed tip which i know normally means its a female but i dont want it to infect my females. Anybody know how far along the males start to open and pollinate?

It looks like a young male to me. More particularly like it’s forming distinct ballsacs. I won’t say it’s all male, it’s too young for that determination. But it doesn’t seem female from what you’ve shown me.


Boy parts…


Agree boy parts sorry man

That sucks yous think would be ok to let it grow for another week it wont pollinate this early would it?

No real reason to risk it.

Oh man. Sorry. I wrong again. You would think an ole gramma like me could notice boy parts.
Oh my my.