Don't Give People Your Personal Address

A member posted photos today that were geotagged (has the GPS coordinates where the photos were taken,) literally giving his home address away. If you grow in a non-permissive location it would be wise to not post photos that have an embedded geotag.

You are inviting unwanted attention. You can Google how to shut geotagging off on your particular model of phone or camera. It’s a fairly easy thing to do.


To the ILGM web admins(no idea who to tag) - Discourse should have EXIF metadata removal (site setting “strip image metadata”) turned on by default. It sounds like someone may have disabled it when initially configuring things, but for this forum it’s probably a good idea to have it enabled.


In this case the individual had the GPS coordinates’ text actually printed out on the picture, so it wasn’t just a matter of file attributes.

One of these 2 should be able to find the right admin.



Does this show up automatically or does someone download the users pic and that information shows up with the downloaded pic?

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It can be either. It is generally just a file attribute that can be looked up, but in this case the individual’s GPS coordinates were printed on the photo.

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@latewood could you please check this setting


Actually, it sounds like it is most likely still set correctly/default. As @MidwestGuy stated a few minutes later, the coordinates were actually in the photo image, not necessarily in the EXIF. Still a good thing to check, though. You could easily test it by uploading an image with EXIF information in it to see if it gets stripped.


Alight, I know who to go to for IT stuff lol!

I can’t remember if it was this forum or another, but I’ve seen some go as far as blacking out fingerprints in photos. Can’t be too careful if you’re in an illegal state!

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EXIF is metadata imbedded in the photo file, and there are browser-based readers, in addition to stand-alone applications.

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I black out my fingerprints

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Mah ninja.

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Legal Here…was it me? lol

I hope you notified the person so they can remove pics.
If it was me it’s not worth showing up as my home is so small I have to go outside just to turn around and there wouldn’t be room for guests.

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