Posting pictures & GEO Location data

I wonder how many folks are using a camera that automatically includes location information in every photo they take and post? I know that I fall into this group.

Up until just days ago all my previously posted images were ‘tagged’ with my location. I’ve since turned off this feature in my smartphone.

If you can’t turn this feature off, there are Exif editors that can remove the information.

Does anyone know of a means of removing the information from photos that have already been posted?


Not sure @HappyCamper. Can you delete the entire post?

So you DONT want the world to know your exact location?!? lololol :wink:


I’m pretty sure that part of the file name gets deleted during upload…

Yes just like @bluntley420 said, remove entire post with pic

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I’ve posted photos in threads I didn’t create.

I just hope no one bothers with the old posts. Future photos won’t have the data in them. :smile:

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Unless your running a huge operation with over 100 plants , I wouldn’t worry too much… way too many people are enjoying this Hobby nowadays… it would be a waste of tax payers money and time to try to hunt down every 20 plant grow… especially if your a med patient following all state and city regulations… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


@HappyCamper And anyone else who is concerned. Check one of your pics on the site and then someone else’s. Download the pics to your computer. Their is no data associated with either pictures. I just verified this myself.


Thanks @bob31. I just did the same and you’re right. The EXIF data must be stripped during uploading.

Heavy sigh…


I actually verified this before I posted anything on the site, a long time ago; even though I live in a free state, my business is my business! LOL @HappyCamper


Howdy! I am sorry I used your reply space I am new here. I cannot find out how to add pics or how to post stuff, can anyone help? Thx in advance:):thinking: hcg

No problem. @highcountrygal So first things first is to go to categories and copy paste this to a new topic. Tag like @bob31 with the @ in front of username.

Follow this link and click on +New Topic in upper right and post this to a new topic and we can talk about the rest there. Include what device and browser you are using.

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I just deleted my grow journal and have been pissing myself for the last 3 hours because I couldn’t delete the post. Lol I suck.