Am I Too Paranoid?

At the ripe old age of 66 circumstances in my life are such I can try growing my own. Actually was forced into it because I retired from an enlightened State to a backward one.I am two months into my first effort and have enjoyed this Forum and would like to participate a little more but have a concern. That concern is anyone with slightly better than average computer skills can geo locate a posted picture, I have had it happen on a hunting forum. Am I the only one with this concern?


I’m pretty sure the geo tags ate blocked by our software package, but not 100% sure. Even so, you can participate without posting pictures. Would just be difficult for us to help diagnose issues without any pictures.


Depending on your phone… You can disable location being added to pictures being taken in the camera apps settings… On Android… Version 12L…on A Surface Duo… It looks like this option:

Once I clicked settings… I had to click “more settings”.

On another camera app I have it looks like this:
(my thumb is over camera)

Plus for good measure I keep my location off on the phone when taking pics.

IPhone will be different.

I live in a very reefer negative state… I don’t post my city… Nor my face… Plus I crop almost all photos.


@FrustratedFarmer im right there with ya boss. Good chance we are neighbors if youre in the SE. Ive been here in this forum for nearly a year. No issues at all.


@FrustratedFarmer G’day mate good question, you can also edit the picture in your computer an go to the meta data of the picture an change the location an all settings from that picture, eg, What device it is like a phone or a go pro or something even the hd settings you used you can change or delete. Generally i would get the picture up in windows edit or something like that then right click an find meta data options,is a good video on this on youtube too, good question again mate hope it helped a little :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies, I am going to do a little research and hopefully post a few pictures of the girls. Thanks to the info on here things have gone pretty good so far for a first try. Nip your scenery looks very similar to mine but I had to hide mine even better due to a very high degree of military helicopter activity in my vicinity. Also why I mostly planted Autosto keep size down , but also to get them done quick so I can quit the friend of a friend mystery weed


Well i guess if someone is really looking to get shot they can try to take my girls


@FrustratedFarmer we dont have the same meemaw Ivy do we? Im a rocks throw from the rockets red glare…

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I have downloaded my own pics which I know are geotagged before posting and from the forum its all been stripped. There is nothing of the original info left. I was worried at first but not now.


Chitty my opinion of MeeMaw has been pretty low but it grew exponentially this morning when I read the trannies will no longer be competing against real women anymore in Alabama. If you are near the rockets red glare your where I grew up. HHS class of 75. Once again thanks for all the input I think I am comfortable with posting now. If the girls are still alive in a week when I get back from Grandpa duty I will show them off.