Don't forget to water your plants 😫

Just got back from vacation. I set up a pump/timer for my main tent while I was away. The quarantine tent I left to fend for itself. I expected bad, but not this bad. The two solo cup experiments I had going are not coming back. The two on the right, I thought were goners, have been slowly returning.

It’s not a big loss, they were all clones I couldn’t manage to get rid of. One of them had an infestation of scale. Still, I hate to see dead plants.
I guess you just can’t leave the kids alone while you’re gone.


Looks like some should recover nicely

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:scream:…sad to see the damage. there is only one that is salvageable. The one in the blue pot. the rest are gone. don’t waste your time on them. Start new seeds in white styrofoam cups…then move to at pots at least as big as the blue one.
Suggest you get 3.5 gallon buckets and water lightly. your tent should hold 6 of them. Use the hydrostore growing media. Good idea to put a layer of rocks, regular pebbles or hydro rocks to avoid wet muck in the bottom that will rot and kill roots.
Always start nutes at 20% of mfg’s schedules. Each strain and even plant is different. Feed accordingly…sparingly.

Actually, they’re doing ok. Some dead leaves, a bit of yellowing, but overall I’m impressed. On,y lost the two smallest ones.

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