Does this look like normal new growth?

I put these two plants into flower two days ago. Does this new growth look normal? It’s lighter green than the older growth. They’re in happy frog mixed with happy frog fruit and flower. I have not fed them anything else to this point. I was planning on top dressing with some more happy frog fruit and flower next weekend. The dude at the shop said that’s all the nutes I would need. No need for all the other expensive stuff. These are 5 weeks led today.


It takes a few days for chlorophyll to fill in with a darker shade of green.


I agree! Plants are looking great! Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Nice usually when u flip or have really well suited temps and rh u’ll see that happen alot as the plant is growing faster than the chlorophyll can change. It’s not a bad thing unless the colors don’t go green withing a day or 2. Looks fine to me tho all seems to look well with nice new growth. Nice job.


Thanks everyone, I’m trying the organic route the dude at the shop recommended, with just the happy frog soil, and fruit and bloom. I have to say that these are beautiful so far, so maybe he knew what he was talking about. The one on the left is a pure power plant, and the other is a sour diesel.

They look perfect.