Do they look like they should?

I am a real noob here. Started 2 sour D seeds December 17th purchased from ILGM. Have had no problems so far, maybe a little too much stretch when first sprouted from seed.
Fixed that issue with better lighting and repotting to larger pots and burying the stalk a little deeper. Am currently in 5 gallon finishing pots.
They were in veg for approximately 7 weeks, 18/6 where the plants reached 2 1/2 feet in height and 3 feet in diameter. Still no issues, lol.
I flipped to flower, 12/12 after 36 hours of total dark on February 1st. Started 25% of recommended bloom nutes at that point. Nutes, water, nutes, water, etc. They have grown in height by as much as 12 inches since then and I think I am seeing the beginnings of bud development, little white hairs. These babies have really increased their thirst level. PH levels have always been in 6.3 to 6.5 range.

Sorry, but this is all new to me. I did this little project mainly to see if I could actually be successful. So I guess I am asking you folks what my plants are looking like they are doing?
Does everything look normal?
What I should do differently at this point?


Sounds normal :man_farmer:

Looks like to me your doin a great job I’m on my second grow. I think ure doin fantastic​:v::sunglasses::+1:

Great job there looking good!

Have you got a photo of the whole plant?

Yes I do, but they are in 12 dark right now.

I will take the pic tomorrow

I meant to say, no I don’t at this time, I will take a pic tomorrow when they are out of lights out period.

If nothing else this attempted grow has taught me a ton of patience. I spend way too much time tucking leaves and opening up light to lower possible bud sites. Did I mention I am attempting scrog? I probably have a dozen/eighteen or more flowering buds per plant.

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This is some pics at week 2.IMG_0394|500x500


I think they look gorgeous! Jere are mine in flower now. My first grow too.


Here are the pics I promised I would send. This is two weeks into flower.


Uploading: IMG_1251.JPG…

I’m no pro but they pretty good to me!! :sunglasses::+1:

They’re beautiful

Thanks for the replies

You’re doing great! They look gorgeous!

3 weeks into flower