Does this look like light burn or something else?

Hello everyone, hoping you can help me identify a problem. As you can see in the picture I had some light burn this last week , but there’s also some browning leaves. I’m wondering if this is a symptom from the excessive light or is it something else? What does everyone think?


It does look like light burn to me, but I’m not all that good at diagnosing issues.

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Intense lighting requires intense calmag. The yellowing between veins and rust spots def looks clike classic cal mag deficiency. BUT the one area where the leaves looked burned in the middle of the leaves symmetrically is something else, maybe light burn? But on the tops it has no signs of that so im leaning to something else.


I agree with @Poseidon1, that weird pattern in the middle of the leaves in the top picture. This may indicate something happened recently. You are using a hydro system judging from the tubing in the pictures. Did your ph go way off the track a couple weeks ago or more?

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I had the ph pretty stable as I check it every day when I come home from work.

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Yes this is dwc hydro system

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I’m feeding them today. I’ll go heavy on the calmag. I want to flip them in the next few days to a week as they are 8 weeks now, but I want to make sure they are healthy first and put up scrog screen.

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To me it looks like phosphorus def or even a potassium def also if you take a pic with google it can tell you what it is aswell

How do I do that. You have a link?

Your new growth looks petty good. If it was mine, I would remove the damaged leaves, and then monitor them closely while staying fairly close to the course you are on.

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Sorry there is another way you go about treating both deficiencies at the same time by giving th some banana tea with some epsom salts and molasses brew the tea for 24 hours and then feed ur plants

@Aussie_autos, can you use a tea with a hydro dwc, like @matty777 has?
Nutrient deficiencies are very hard to identify, and their appearance changes so much as they progress. It is best to identify them asap. Also some deficiencies show themselves sooner than others.
I am presently using Mills Nutrients, and I emailed them about adding cal/mag to RO water with their nutrient schedule. Here is their reply.

With Mills, Basis A has calcium and Basis B has magnesium, so adding additional calcium or magnesium shouldn’t be necessary, even if you’re using RO water and/or growing in coco.
Since the nutrients are already in balance, if you do start seeing signs of calcium or magnesium deficiencies (or the plant just starts to look a little hungry overall), we recommend just raising the Basis A&B (in equal amounts) by a few ml/gal while keeping everything else as-is instead of adding a calmag additive.
This is because we find that usually what happens is that plants tend to show signs of a calcium or magnesium deficiency before other deficiencies. So if you use CalMag, you treat the calcium deficiency, but are more likely to see other deficiencies start to pop up. So what happens is you end up playing whack-a-mole going from one deficiency to the next, when really they just need a little more of everything. Because of this, we recommend adjusting the Basis A&B as necessary to keep them dialed in instead of calmag.

Here is my simple little drip hydro set up. The pump runs both 30 minutes on/off. This is at day 35 of blooming cycle. All they have been fed is RO water, Mill Nutrients, and ph up. They are in pea gravel.
This is my first full hydro grow since 1985, and I am thinking what took so long.


Love the set up. I am gonna switch to coco and do a similar set up to that next.