Mag Nutrient deficiency?

is this a magnesium deficiency? Do I need some cal-mag?

Have you been using cal mag?

We need the full info on your grow to give you the best cause of the problem. It could be multiple issues.

Only a few leaves like the one in the pick… have it on ones 8 weeks old and ones 4 weeks old. Root riot and hydroton, 9” pots. ebb and flow 15min every 2 hours/ 4 weeks old -top drip 2min every 3 1/2 hrs. Advanced nutes mgb b-52 voodoo juice. TDS - @650(ro water) , ph 5.8 Blurple leds/4 weeks old- fluorescents. 71-74° 24/0.

Oh yeah, humidity 60-70%

@garrigan62 What do you think?

Either need cal-mag or possibly start of a root problem. 15min flood every 2 hours enough?

No it is’t…hold on i’m working on it ok

How old are your plants ? and how offen do you water and how much do you water. Please be honest with me cause I want to help you ok…

Ok, thanks for digging!!!

8 1/2 weeks and 3 weeks. Both have a few yellowing/brown spots, purple stems in spots… I water for 15min every 2 hours. Ebb and flow. Root riot and hydroton. Advanced nutes mgb(4ml per liter), b-52 (2ml per liter) and voodoo juice. First two weeks. Change reservoir every 10-12 days or when the ph starts fluctuating pretty good… ro water used also. image1.jpeg

image2.jpegSent from my iPhone

Was a 6 hour period where pump didn’t kick on so the roots growing out the bottom got a little extra air…oh yeah… constant air rock going in res too… since some of the roots got air pruned I went ahead and cleaned up the bottoms (and incase of root rot) if that makes sense… less roots- I figured remove some little stuff that doesn’t get much light/ looks bad to help compensate for the loss. But that has nothing to do with the spots on the leaves because they were there before air pruning


This is what come up with. What do ya think ?


Many hydroponic gardeners see this problem. It’s the beginning of nutrient burn. It indicates that the plants have all the nutrients they can possibly use, and there’s a slight excess. Back off the concentration of the nutrient solution just a touch, and the problem should disappear. Note that if the plants never get any worse than this here, then the plants are probably just fine.

Over Fertilising


Figure 4 is definitely an over fertiliser problem. The high level of nutrients accumulates in the leaves and causes them to dry out and burn up as shown here. You must flush with clear, clean water immediately to allow the roots to recover, and prevent further damage. The find the cause of the high nutrient levels.

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? I see what your saying but my tds has been at ±500ppm with mgb alone… then with b-52 the water is only at 580ppm and ph is steady at 5.8, on the 8 1/2 week ones plus their 2 week seedling phase. They should take 580ppm without burn shouldn’t they? Figured I could go up to 700-750 right before flower. And it’s mainly the big fan leaves off the main stem towards the bottom but it has been creeping up and more leaves showing signs… but again mainly the older leaves… none of the new growth has the problem.

But man it sure does look similar in some of the pics… thank you for spending time looking that up. I’m going to have to go with you on this one… any suggestion on ppm level(or ec)? I’ll hit you up in a few with an update! Thanks again

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I knew it was something more. Thanks @garrigan62 for your continuous grow support.

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I’m in Va. Wright now. But when I get back I’ll hook you up with the ph So hang there for a bit and I’ll take care of that for you


Cool, what you mean hook me up with the ph? The ph value I should be running? It’s at 5.8 religiously! And man I was looking and damn, it sure does look like a deficiency in manganese and just a bit of iron…first pic is an example of manganese deficiency…image1.jpeg
And here’s mine…



looks like mine isn’t as bad as the example but it looks like it’s the same thing. What you think now?


Your pic"s didn’t come thrpough. Try again. Thanks


<img src=cid:D42CBC61-BC22-404F-9DC9-12C2EBE230AC alt=image.jpeg id=D42CBC61-BC22-404F-9DC9-12C2EBE230ACaria-label=image1.jpeg 101 KBariaroledescription=Attachment>

This one is example of Manganese deficiency

This is mine… looks like mine is not as bad but don’t they look alike?