Does this Indica Hybrid look normal? Not flowering in October and not sure if its a female. Started from clone

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Beautiful plant man. It will start to flower when the days receive around 12 hrs of total darkness.

That’s a big girl in a little pot. Well done👍
My outdoor plants start showing signs of flowering when the sun drops below 14 hours of light/day.
Be sure that there is absolutely no light hitting the plant after the sun sets until the sun rises. If you’ve got lights on around it at night she’ll be never get the hint.

Good to know. There is a street light. I kept her in a small pot to try to keep her small. She just keeps growing. I have Sativa Hybrid that has been put to test. Flowered back in April and I somehow stopped her. Basically cut off the first signs I saw and brought her back inside under fluorescent light. Waited about a week brought her back outside. Didn’t get tall but her stalk is huge! Looks like these crazy kola looking buds all forming. She is already flowering so that why I wondered about this one.

Under normal circumstances I’d try putting her in the dark for 24-48 hrs to give her a jump start, but chances of moving that tree into a completely dark area are minimal.
Just make sure there are no porch lights/security lights/streetlights/etc nearby at night.

Here is my little Sativa strain hybrid. Last year I started 6 clones end of May. Brought them outside under a covered sun shade but the roots were not established enough. One by one they croaked on me. Not to make same mistake again, I went the other way too aggressive. Grabbed my clones in February or beginning of March. Still very chilly etc. Raised them under a fluorescent so they wouldn’t grow a lot before taking outside. Started with 4 got these 2. This one was the biggest but we had a rain and almost late spring sleet which is rare for Sacramento climate. She looked like she was going to flower so I cut the limb etc. Shocked heer like crazy. She survived anbd is now INSANELY strong but just not that big. Maybe 5 foot tall??? Thats with the container below her. She is budding like crazy and smells from far away. I call her twisted sister because in some of the pics I tried to capture what she did. She had hundreds of limbs all on top of each other growing for months like a jungle. She is fascinating to me but I am a rookie at this. Here she is! Curing process next…wish me luck.


I’m guessing not your first rodeo @maxisuccs. If so, you have a green thumb for sure

They look amazing. One suggestion is to take off any of those dead leaves laying in there. They don’t dry and can start bud rot.

Outdoor plants don’t need 12 hours of dark to start flowering. She probably has gone thru the stretch and will flower very soon. Congrats

I’m all out of likes but those are some great looking plants

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Wow everyone has made me feel better. Seriously this is my third try ever. Two years ago I got a runt clone from my buddy. He does indoor harvests and didn’t want it mixed with all of his others. He brought it to me way late for the outdoor season but I raised her anyway as much as I could. Had some hard times the first few weeks but she survived and made about 4-6 ounces I would estimate.

Next year very excited I got 4 clones and one by one didnt survive our early summer. I did a lot of reading and quickly found out my acclamation process was way to fast way too soon. Roots not nearly established enough.

This year I made sure I had enough time. I got clones in February which is months too soon for outdoor here. Killed 2 of them but was learning the whole time. These are 2 of the 4 from this year. I also learned how to clone them and have cut at least 25 or 30 from each and distributed to my friends. I have 10 in my office right now getting bigger each day.

I know nothing of the flowering cycle other than seeing it happen. It’s October in CA and getting chilly at night. Any help would be appreciated. I am great with plants in general but have also killed my fair share.

Yes but if you don’t put it in a bigger pot buds will be small

Thank you for the tip. I didn’t know that either.

You may want to transplant soon if you can

Wow… That’s a big girl! Nice man! Y’all are killing me in no grow Ohio. This is fun to watch though!